Another One Bites The Dust

As some of you know our dear, beloved feline pet passed away last month. The kids have been itchin’ for a new pet to love. They want another cat, or a dog.. but they settled for some fish. I told them that it was out of the question though, so that I could surprise them for Easter. What better gift than a new little fishy with a super cool bowl set-up? I know. Get a life.

Anyway.. I set the bowls up beforehand. Got the fish about a week before Easter and guess what? One of them died.. right before Easter. There was no time to get another one so I had to resort to PLAN 2, which was lots and lots of candy. However, I did share my plan with them and they both decided that picking out their own fish would be more fun anyway. The one fish that remained, I kept for myself and name her Lolita.

So my son picked out a very pretty, blue and green Betta and named him BOB.

My daughter picked out a very pretty, purple Betta and named HIM, Barbie. I know. Everything right now is Barbie even if this poor fish is a boy.

Today, Lolita is breathing. Barbie is breathing. BOB has stopped breathing. R.I.P. Bob.

I am beginning to think my fish caring skills are no better than my green thumb. I did everything right. Treated the water beforehand. Did not overfeed him. Pre-rinsed the bowl with water soap. Yet another one bites the dust. Not good. I am willing to replace Bob as my son has not even had him for a full week, but I hope this is not a trend.

That’s what I get for trying to be a little bit creative this Easter. One fish, two fish, now they’re.. dead fish. I know..pretty bad.



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