In Search of a Pick-Me-Up

I had a fairly decent weekend. We took the kids to the harbor for some fish ‘n chips and ice cream. Not at the same time of course and then on the way back hit some fresh produce stands for THE best strawberries ever. I mean, these strawberries would make you drool. I am still thinking about them and hoping that there are some left when I get home tonight.

Even though the weekend was pretty nice, I am still exhausted and about to fall asleep at my keyboard. I will talk to the doctor about this tomorrow at my regular appointment. I have read many books on Lupus and checked out a lot of information online, but I am still unable to get a handle on it. When you look normal on the outside.. people forget that you are not feeling that great and then expect too much from you. Heck, I expect too much from me and forget to rest and end up doing a bunch or chores or errands.

Anyway..since I am about to nod off. I will cut this short today and hope for a better day tomorrow.



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