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The Sunday Salon: The Holy Moly I’m Tired Edition

Four words—Back To School Shopping.

I’m utterly wiped out. My kids don’t start until the 19th but I got most of it done today. My girlfriend and I do it together (without kids) so we get a lot done but man, it’s a lot of walking around. We shopped, had lunch at Elephant Bar and then shopped for more. The cost of shoes is just astronomical and what’s with these Twinkle Toes that all the girls have to have? Geesh!

This post is a little backwards as I am completely exhausted but I saw Julie & Julia last night. It was wonderful! I love Meryl. She is fab in it and now I want a Julia Child cookbook. Have you seen it yet? The whole blog aspect was interesting.

Tonight we are going to grill some burgers and corn and just relax. I have another unpaid furlough day tomorrow which will be spent running some more errands but there will be time to post a review or two.

I logged in today and see that I’ve lost a follower. I take these things so personally. I know. Lame on my part but I often wonder what I’ve done. It WAS a terribly slow week as far as posts but it happens sometimes. Especially when school is looming and things must be taken care of.

What am I reading? Well, I plan to start The Angel’s Game tomorrow as well as The Day The Falls Stood Still. I am looking forward to both of them. What are you looking forward to?