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Announcing the ‘Something Wicked This Way Comes’ Read Along

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This is what happens when you talk-up scary books on social media. A read along is born! Sandy and I were talking about our Summer of King reads and scary books in general and somehow this book came up. I think I was looking up the scariest reads ever and Ray Bradbury’s Something Wicked This Way Comes was on the list. I remember jotting down a few others as well but this one, this one I have NEVER read.

When I read the blurb for the book I immediate saw, small town, a carnival/circus like setting,  Halloween Eve and thought…YESSSSSS. Plus, for you busy folks, it’s a short read. (300 pages give or take depending on what version you pick-up).


-Hosted by Ti (Book Chatter) and Sandy (You’ve Gotta Read This!)

-The read along begins on October 1, 2014 and ends on October 31, 2014 (Halloween, muahahaha!)

-This read along will take place mostly on Twitter using the hashtag #EnterTheRingmaster. Use the hashtag to share your thoughts while reading. Search for that hashtag on Twitter to see what readers are saying.

-The book is short and broken down into three sections but with my Kindle version I don’t have page numbers so for those who want structure, here are some guidelines:

  • Finish Section 1 (Chapters 1-24) by Friday, October 10th
  • Finish Section 2 (Chapters 25-44) by Friday, October 24th
  • Finish Section 3 (Chapters 45-54) by Friday, October 31st

-On each of those dates, I will try to post a little update on the blog for anyone who’d rather chat there.

Sound like fun? I believe the book cover is being redesigned, at least, all of his other books have been redesigned so give yourself some time to either buy a copy or order it from the library so that you will have it for October. Right now, the Kindle version is very reasonable.


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