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L.A. Times Festival of Books 2011

L.A. Time Festival of Books

Is anyone going? I ask because there are some big changes this year, many of which I am probably not even aware of yet. The first change is that it will be at USC this year and not UCLA. I finally figured out where all the buildings are and they switch it up on me. The other major change is that it’s a week later than it normally is. It runs April 30-May 1. This poses a problem for me because it’s The Hub’s bday weekend. The other change is that they are requiring you to purchase a $30 panel pass which will get you into eight panels. Before, you paid $2 for each panel and on average I attended four (at most).

I’m not sure I am liking all the changes, but then I read that Rick Springfield is going to be interviewed on stage during one of the Sunday events. Hmmm. I have a thing for Rick.  Normally a large group of bloggers go but I have not heard anyone talking about it at all this year. I also haven’t been getting too much info from the website even though I “liked” them on Facebook. Seems as if the promotion has dropped a bit, too.

If I go, I will probably go with the family this year. That is, if The Hub doesn’t mind it happening during his bday weekend. I’m still not sure. The Boy will complain and The Hub might not appreciate me drooling over Rick. I need to think on it more.

However, if you are interested and want more info, check out the website here. The program schedule can be found here.  Oh, and let me know if you plan to go.