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Book Blogger Meet-Up (The Pics!)

I spent a lovely afternoon with some fellow book bloggers. We met at the Aroma Cafe which also houses Portrait of a Bookstore. The cafe’s food was really good and the bookstore, albeit small, had a very nice selection of books. However, I went there looking for a very specific book, Lauren Child’s The Princess and the Pea and they did not have it so I went home empty-handed. Here are some pics. Tracy, thanks for sharing them!

Amy of My Friend Amy and Jill/Softdrink of Fizzy Thoughts.

Me and my Christmas exchange book. Thanks Amy!

Florinda of The 3R’s Blog.

Here’s one of the group and in this one you can see Tracy of Shelf Life. She is sitting between Florinda and myself. I was so glad that Jill made the drive down. It was a nice surprise! When are we doing it again?

Book Blogger Meet-Up Today!

Guess what I am doing today!! I get to meet some of my book blogger buds! I’m so excited! I first met them at the Festival of Books last April but it will be great to see them again. I am meeting:

Amy of My Friend Amy
Florinda of 3R’s
Tracy of Shelf Life

…and then I am not sure who else. A lot of folks were invited and schedules are tight but I am hoping to be surprised by a few more faces.

We are going to have lunch/coffee at a lovely cafe and then pour over the bookstore that is attached to it. My heart goes pitter-patter over a bookstore. Can you hear it? I’ll post an update tomorrow. I wonder what treasures I’ll come home with.