Monsters Anyone?

Once in awhile I like to check out Powell’s for some new reads. It’s not like I need more to read because I have plenty of piles of my own to go through, but sometimes you want something new and different.

I came across this little gem, Pretty Monsters: Stories, by Kelly Link. I’ve not had the pleasure of reading anything by Link but the blurb for this collection of short stories caught my eye. Additionally it’s a YA novel which is not something I normally reach for.

Publisher Comments:

Through the lens of Link’s vivid imagination, nothing is what it seems, and everything deserves a second look. From the multiple award-winning “The Faery Handbag,” in which a teenager’s grandmother carries an entire village (or is it a man-eating dog?) in her handbag, to the near-future of “The Surfer,” whose narrator (a soccer-playing skeptic) waits with a planeload of refugees for the aliens to arrive, Link’s stories are funny and full of unexpected insights and skewed perspectives on the world.

Initially I thought this might be a good book for my son but after reading a few of the pages online, I see that it’s really geared towards those 12 years and older. Has anyone read it? I may have to pick this one up.


This is a horrible picture but the smoke was bad and it was dark to boot. This was my view on my way to work today. The Southern California fires are still burning and probably will be for another day or so since the wind continues to pick up.

This same time last year we had to evacuate when we were hit by fire so I know how these poor people feel. The “not knowing” is what makes it so difficult. I do hope these winds die down so the fire crews can get a handle on it.

Yesterday I left work early anticipating a huge traffic mess. I got home fine and then they closed the University. Today we are open though, so here I am. I have a few friends and co-workers affected by these fires so I will be thinking of them and wishing them the best.

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