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Whatnot – Week 8

My post is a day late because for the past two days my power has been off. I’ve mentioned it before but the power company shuts us down now when there is a weather event, whether that is high winds or super dry conditions. It’s becoming excessive and making me feel like I am living in a country where power is rationed. This time, we had a generator for the fridge but what a pain. We are up at the moment but I just got another alert that we will be down again soon. Not great given what is taking place this week. School had to be missed and it was difficult for me to work from devices with low batteries.

On another note, I finished The Overstory and hope to have the review written soon. I have many books to read but Miss Benson’s Beetle is the one I am currently reading while trying to find another book to read with it. My review copies are flooding my Kindle at the moment so I need to work some of those into my reading schedule as well. It’s a good problem to have.

Without power for the beginning of this week I’ve lost track of my days. Looking forward to the weekend and this wind ending. The poor pup hasn’t been able to go out because of how windy it’s been. She’s looking at me now but trees falling everywhere is not conducive to a nice stroll.

Did you watch the inauguration? My power came on just in time for me to catch it! What a beautiful ceremony.


Sunday Matters: Wasn’t Bad At All

Sunday Matters

Every day has felt like a beautiful spring day this past week. It’s amazing how sunlight and blue skies immediately perk you up. That wind though. Still up to its tricks. However, gazing out the window while working has been made quite pleasant by the sunlight streaming through.

Speaking of work, I made it through and it wasn’t bad at all. Busy, but manageable. I’ve not been sleeping at all but my body and mind are constantly racing so I think that helped me catch-up so quickly. I was on fire. My daughter is not sleeping either. She was given an RX to try but it’s not working nor are any of the natural remedies (Melatonin, Magnesium, Valerian root, ZzzQuil, etc.) She is doing meditation too. If you have something to suggest, please do.

Right Now:

All that is going on right now is lounging. We had nothing scheduled for this weekend and it was nice to not have to leave the house or really do anything.

Later, my youth group will meet on Zoom again. We don’t have much of a choice even though everyone is tired of it. One out of three people in LA County have COVID so we remain virtual.

This Week:

Here’s where we really need your good thoughts, prayers, salt over the shoulder, whatever works. Two auditions this week. Hot weather and wind. Edison threatening (again) to shut the power off. We will prepare to have fully charged laptops and hotspots just in case but for singing on Zoom, the hard-wired ethernet cable is the best way to go so we hope the power remains on for Carnegie Mellon and Arizona. Please.

I also have a book club meeting on Zoom to discuss The Memory Police. I believe my daughter also has a master class to attend so power would be good.

Monday, campus is closed in honor of MLK day. I nearly forgot.


The Overstory. It’s a long book, 500 pages or so. I may read Miss Benson’s Beetle at the same time.


Believe it or not, I have been watching Maine Cabin Masters. It’s on the DIY network. They remodel these cabins in the middle of nowhere, often keeping the environment and sustainability in mind. It’s really amazing what they can do with these little cabins. Sometimes they are located on an island with no running water or an easy way to transport supplies. It’s fascinating.

Grateful for:

  • My son was offered another job to supplement the hours he is currently working so he will have two jobs. Two of my fave places (Williams Sonoma and REI).
  • The Otter Pup who was feeling out of sorts is now back to her normal, quirky self. I pulled a small burr out of her coat and voila! She is back in business. She also had a thorn stuck in her back. That dog loves to jump into bushes.

What’s new with you? Oh! The inauguration is this week. Praying for a smooth transition with zero drama.