Sunday Matters: Rest

Sunday Matters

I have been on vacation since the 19th and I can’t believe that one, precious week has already passed. Disneyland was a blast, Christmas Eve was enjoyable and Christmas dinner was very nice. I think I’ve gained at least five pounds.

With all the health stuff I’ve been dealing with, I’ve come to the conclusion that I work too much and don’t sleep nearly enough to function like a normal human being. I’ve been catching up on sleep and even with all the extra naps and sleeping in, I am still exhausted. That can’t be good.

So, I am taking it easy. Lots of couch potato activities that involve movie and TV watching. I am still going easy on the reading. I finished one book and wrote-up the review, but I may just take a break from reading for the rest of the year as I am worried about the eye thing coming back.

Right Now:

The church we attend is on ‘vacation’ this week so the service is online only. This is okay with me. I plan to sit here with my half cup of coffee and enjoy the service anyway. I’m itching to do something by the coast but our little road trip yesterday was a bust for a number of reasons. Not sure we’ll venture out today.

This Week:

No big plans this week. The Teen is attending a New Year’s Eve party with his girlfriend and we’ll most likely order in and hang out. One exciting thing that takes place at the end of this week is a visit from my uncle and cousin. I haven’t seen them in a really long time and she is bringing her darling baby boy with her.


I could not read Bag of Bones for the read along because of my darn eyes. I feel awful about that because I was really looking forward to joining in. I could not read the new Murakami either. I think I will save it for the beginning of the year.


I’ve been watching all sorts of things. Lots of Roseanne, Lucy and Seinfeld. Plenty of KCET programming like Huell Howser, too. We watched What About Bob? (Bill Murray) last night and Friday (Chris Tucker), the night before. Also managed to watch all of the holiday episodes of Adam 12 and Emergency! Not to mention all the holiday movies we watched which included It’s a Wonderful Life, a classic.

I have a bunch of movies recorded that I’d like to see like The Great Gatsby and American Hustle. I have to be in the right mood to see them, though.


I made tacos a few nights ago but haven’t cooked anything since. With all the eating we’ve managed to do, I am not in the mood for anything.

Grateful for:

I am glad for this time off, even if a good chunk of it is spent sleeping.

Happy Thought For the Week:

No work this week and I am looking forward to my uncle and cousin visiting.

What have you all been up to? I’ve been online a little bit, just to keep on top of the big stuff but I am still reducing my computer time so that my eyes can rest. How are you?

Sunday Matters: Vacation!

Sunday Matters

After fifteen hours at Disneyland yesterday, I can honestly say that my vacation has begun. Boy, it was a fun day but man I am wiped out! When we got there, we were told that we were the “guests of the day” which translated to free, reserved parking and an escort to a special parking spot. That has never happened to us in all my years of going there.

Disneyland 2014

We never go on a weekend, but with The Hub’s company struggling, he was unable to take a work day off, so we just agreed to make the best of what we expected to be a horribly busy day. But you know what? We got there when they opened and got on all of the big rides with little to no wait time. By 2pm, the park was standing room only but by then we were ready for a break so we did a little shopping. It was a great day and it all worked out.

My 40-something body cannot take 15 hours of walking back and forth, though. I am literally hobbled this morning. I’m sure I am quite the sight.

Right Now:

I just had some toast and coffee. The Girl is going to see The Nutcracker with grandma and then later today, we are going to see our church’s Christmas show with friends.

This Week:

Christmas Eve will be spent with the in-laws and Christmas Day dinner will be reservations at a nice restaurant. Other than that, some wrapping and lots of movie watching. My eyes are still giving me a hard time so reading is a little spotty but I am going to try to get some in.


I need to finish two more books before the end of the year, only because I am halfway through with them and just want to start the year off with fresh reads. Still reading The Rosie Effect. Sorry to say that it’s just not working for me.


We watched Christmas with The Kranks and I hope to watch Deck the Halls and Christmas Vacation this week. Gotta work It’s a Wonderful Life into the line-up as well as The Christmas Story.


Not a thing. Although I will have to make something with the kids home this week. Yes. They are officially off for winter break.

Grateful for:

I am so grateful that our day at Disneyland wasn’t a bust. I really worried about the crowds. My kids, myself and The Hub do not do well with crowds but the day was fine and I worried for nothing. The only must-do ride we did not get on was Peter Pan. The wait for that ride was 2+ hours all day long. Crazy!

Happy Thought For the Week:

No work until January 7th. Hopefully, no drama. Lots of down-time.


The Sunday Salon: Christmas Countdown

Hello! My vacation started one day earlier than planned due to a surprise campus closure so I have been off since Thursday. Sigh. Which was great because I had to spend half of the day getting a new phone. I work in IT but when it comes to your own phone, you like things a certain way and I needed to spend time on the process which I just did not feel like doing on my vacation. But, I had no choice and finally got it taken care of. I ended up with a Moto X, in case you were wondering.

Small World

It was nice to have that extra day because the very next day, we headed to Disneyland! Disneyland at Christmas is just the most magical thing ever. The lights, the sounds, the food and smells. I love it. The weather was mild and the crowds weren’t bad. We waited fifteen minutes for most rides and that’s amazing since most rides average an hour or more at this time of year. It was an amazing day, but after nearly fourteen hours, The Teen fell ill. He could not wait another second to begin the trip home so we left and he’s been down for two days now with a horrible cough.

Tonight, we are doing our annual Christmas light tour with friends but I don’t think The Teen will be able to make it. He’s still asleep but we’ll see how he is feeling. I am making cookies for the trip and then somewhere along the way we hit the coffee shop for holiday drinks. We drive around, look at the neighborhood lights and listen to holiday tunes. It’s fun. We have been doing it for over fifteen years if you can believe it.

Tomorrow we are hitting the Christmas Eve service (a day early) and then we’ll spend Christmas Eve with my in-laws. Christmas day, we have reservations for Christmas dinner. This restaurant is on an air field so you get to watch the planes take off. It’s fun. The kids love it, as do I. No cooking and no cleaning! My present to myself.

Sunday Salon

What am I reading?

Not a thing at the moment. I might just call it a year with this last book I read.

What am I cooking?

Just cookies today. I am making Snickerdoodles, gigantic Ginger cookies and Coconut Macaroons dipped in dark chocolate. The Snickerdoodle recipe is new but the other two are the BEST cookie recipes ever. They come out just like the picture and everyone always asks for them. Try them!

What am I watching?

We watched Christmas with the Kranks last night, along with the I Love Lucy Christmas Special that aired on CBS last Friday. It was a little strange and creepy to see Lucy in color. I still need to see Frosty, A Family Stone and a host of other shows/movies but I’m getting there.

What are you doing today? What do you have planned next week?

The End of Break, The Otter Pup and the Wind-Up World That Swallowed Me Up

What a week. We took a short road trip and spent a few days in Palm Springs, Ca. It was lovely and all but the drive… Oh! Have you ever traveled with a pet that does not like to travel?

The Otter Pup, who is normally a complete couch potato, is a nervous Nellie when she leaves the house. She works herself up into such a state! It makes all of us crazy. It’s not the first time that we’ve taken her to Palm Springs either. We have relatives there and the last time we went, she seemed to do better in the car. This time though, she was all over the place and so nervous. But on the flip side, once there, she seemed to handle the change in environment better than she did the first time. Needless to say, her routine was off so she never slept which meant that “I” never slept. Plus, I didn’t trust her to be good in the house so I was constantly walking her to avoid any accidents. I mean really, no one wants to clean up poo while on vacation so yeah, I took her for extra walks. In that regard, she did very well.

Otter Pup aka Nervous Nellie

Otter Pup (Chloe) – Me? A nervous Nellie?

However, because I never got to fully relax, I never did hit “vacation mode” which translates to no photos. I think I snapped one photo which turned out to be a dud because some twit stood right behind my family while I was taking the shot. Every time after that I’d position myself to take a photo and then the pup would get to sniffing and then out the door I’d go to ward off disaster. Plus, The Boy is still grounded so I was sort of grouchy. I guess you can tell that from this post, huh? It was still quite nice to get away though. I just wish I had a few more days to really relax. It took the pup the entire four days to be somewhat normal.

In between the pup antics and everything else going on, I was reading The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle for #winditup2013. I actually brought an entire bag of books with me but once you start a Murakami, it’s sort of hard to read other books at the same time. You find yourself totally immersed in his world and that was the case this past week. Of those that have weighed in, nearly everyone has said that it’s a lot easier to read than they thought it would be. The book is broken into three books and so many of you have zipped through book one even though I gave everyone two weeks for each book. That’s okay though. The guidelines I gave are just guidelines. Read at your own pace. Whatever works for you, certainly works for me. Now I sound like Toru. If you want to read some of the comments, just go to Twitter and search for #winditup2013. If you don’t use Twitter and want to say something, add a comment to this post. I read every comment. I will say this, I am enjoying it quite a bit. I’ve loved many of his books but this one seems to really click with me.

Today, I am back at work and the kids are back in school and I am sure the Otter Pup (Chloe) is at home, sleeping the week off.

Vacation Reading: Spring Break Edition

Palm Desert
I think we are the last people in the country to be on Spring Break. It seems as if everyone has had theirs already, or is enjoying it this week but here in my neck of the woods, next week is the real deal and that means that I am taking the week off from work. You’d think that the University would be closed but no… it’s wide open so I am burning some vacation time to take it but it’s all good. I need the break!

Although we have the entire week off, we plan to take some day trips and then spend some time in Palm Desert. We’ve got family there and it’s just a really pretty place to visit. It can be unbearably hot in the summer, but right now…it’s lovely. I can’t wait to see all of that green. And the Otter Pup will be coming with us!

So what will I be reading?

I started an informal read-along of We Need to Talk About Kevin on Facebook. By informal, I did this…”Hey, does anyone want to read Kevin with me and then talk about it afterward?” Some people responded so we will be reading Kevin over the next couple of weeks or however long it takes us to finish it. See? Informal. I don’t do well with formal read-alongs because they seem like work to me but this just seems like fun. If you want to read it too, get yourself a copy and start next week.

I will also be reading The Starboard Sea and Emily Alone. I could add at least three more but realistically, it’s not going to happen. I always take too much and then I end up buying stuff wherever I am so this is what I am bringing with me.

Back in the day, I used to be able to read into the wee hours of the night but now the Otter Pup glares at me if the light is on so I have to go to bed like a good little human. I’ve tried to record her giving me the evil eye but she runs up to the camera and licks it to death. You can’t film a thing with Otter Pup slobber all over the lens and you can’t read a thing if she physically knocks the book and book light right out of your hands. However, if I do get video of her antics I will be sure to share it.

The Sunday Salon: A Birthday for The Boy

Evan at Thirteen

The Boy is thirteen today. THIRTEEN. I cannot believe it. We’ve spent our entire staycation doing little things here and there, so last night we had his birthday dinner at The Smokehouse, a really yummy steak house which is right across from Warner Bros. Today, we plan to hit The Grove. It’s what he wants to do! This photo is from the beach trip we took earlier in the week.

Happy Birthday!! You are such a talented kid. Keep drawing and creating so you can continue to do what you love.

Since we’ve been vacationing, I haven’t been by the computer too much so I haven’t checked my reader. However, so many of you have emailed me or checked in with me on Facebook. So glad for that because I really do miss you guys when I am not near my computer. Having a Smartphone helps.

Overall, our week has been good. Something happened mid-week though which completely freaked me out and threatened to make me crazy. I’m not sure if I will post about it or not. I probably will.

The Sunday Salon

As for today, we will have tacos for dinner, chocolate cake for The Boy and The Hub and a gluten-free version for The Girl and I. I’ve been watching her lately and she doesn’t seem to be doing well with gluten. Her reaction is different from mine, but I’ll be mentioning it at her next doctor’s appointment.

As for reading… I finished The Upright Piano Player and Miss Hildreth Wore Brown. I hope to write the reviews up later today. I am about 25% into Cutting for Stone (Kindle). It’s quite different from I imagined it. In a good way.

Hope you have a great day!

The Sunday Salon: Back to Reality

The Sunday Salon

Well, our little trip to the desert is over and it’s back to reality for us. Forgive me for missing all of the Read-a-Thon action. I was with you in spirit, but we didn’t have access to the Internet while we were away. It was a nice break from my laptop but I missed all of you.

I didn’t get much reading in either. I managed to finished two books while away, but I expected to finish at least one more. We listened to an audio book on the way there, but on the way back, the content became a tad inappropriate for the kids to listen to. I didn’t think they were listening until the reader dropped the “C” word and my daughter wanted to know why they were talking about a rooster. Ahem, if you think about it you’ll get it.

The good news though is that the Otter Pup did great! She loved the long car ride and did great in the other house. She almost got violated on her first visit to the dog park but she handled herself well and came out unscathed. She took turns sleeping with the kids and that went well too. She just seemed happy to be with us. I was really nervous about taking her with us but she did great. I worried for nothing.

I don’t have any pictures to share. I brought the camera and ended up not taking it out at all because the weather was cold, super windy and sand was flying around everywhere. I didn’t want to damage the lens with all that sand action going on.

Okay, I’m off to deal with my inbox. Hope you are well and that you all had a good week.


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