Catch-Up-a-Thon: Saturday @ Noon

I have a lot of books to read and a free weekend so I am using it to catch-up on my reading. I don’t plan to be up all night but I will be reading all day today and all day tomorrow. I just had a sandwich and enjoyed a lovely Izze softdrink so I am ready to plop down to finish The Day The Falls Stood Still.

Outside it is gloomy and drizzly. Perfect reading weather! I will be posting updates as I go along just to keep me honest. Okay…off I go!

Oh, and this will be good practice for the real Read-a-Thon which is coming in October.

Please Feed Her and other stuff…

Yesterday was the first day of school. My daughter is going into 1st grade and my son is entering the 6th grade. Last year she had the daycare folks help her buy lunch, etc. This year she is on her own and my son has a different lunch period so he can’t help her either.

So yesterday, in preparation for this, I sent her with the following:

  • A snack for her backpack.
  • A baggie with her lunch money in it because I could not find the lunch lady to add money to her lunch account.
  • I gave her verbal reminders. Make sure you get your money. Make sure you BUY your lunch because they have this “play first” rule and I could totally see her forgetting to get her lunch.

My husband said I was making a big deal out of it. So…what do you think happened? Any guesses?

Yep, she forgot to take her money out of her backpack and went to lunch! Somehow she got a lunch, probably because they thought she was a charity case or that her Mommy was a slacker and did not give her any cold hard cash. In other words, they probably felt sorry for her.

Did she get her PIN # for her lunch account?? Yes! She wrote it down and then promptly left it on the counter. So today, I was tempted to pin a note to her shirt saying something like “please feed this child.” Instead, I sent my son with a check and he is going to deposit it to her account and get the PIN #.

So at the end of the day she was crabby. VERY crabby and I had a ton of “back to school” paperwork to complete so then I was crabby too. I hope today goes better.

On a book note, because there is always a book note… I finished two great books but I promised to review them closer to their release date so I am “review-less” for the week unless I read something between now and Sunday that is not an ARC.

I also wanted to say “Thank You” for nominating me for Book Blogger Appreciation Week’s Most Chatty category. Yeah I talk, and talk and talk but I’ll make a sincere effort to tighten things up a bit. I just cannot believe I was nominated for anything so thanks!

Look! I’m Stacked!

Not THAT kind of stacked. I mean book stacks and lots of them. Lisa over at Books Lists Life challenged us to share our stacks so here are mine. This first shot is the bookshelf that sits in the family room. It’s mainly used by the kids but the top shelf houses my TBRP (to be read pronto) list. I do a lot of my reading in the family room so that shelf keeps me honest. It’s organized from left to right in the order in which I must read them.

Note: That picture above the shelf is a portrait of my in-laws in Hawaii. They actually live about five miles from us but it was TAKEN in Hawaii. I digress…

This shot is a close-up of the top shelf. You may be wondering why they are sitting so far towards the front, but if I push them to the back, they fall into the “behind the bookshelf” chasm that is a pain to get to since I have to move the entertainment center which sits immediately to the right of it. Missing from this stack —The Danish Girl and Skeleton Creek because they are currently on my nightstand.

This is sort of a strange shot but it is half of the built-in bookshelf that is in our loft. The kids use the loft for DDR (Dance, Dance Revolution) and Wii stuff so I could not stand back far enough to get the entire shelf because doing so would guarantee an injury of some sort. About half of these books have been read already but have gained a permanent spot for one reason or another.

The books along the top are ones that have recently come in, or ones that I won that I have not gotten to yet. I have to go through these books to weed some stuff out to make room for the new stuff but I haven’t gotten around to it.

So there you have it! Although my actual shelves are not that organized, I have a TBR Pronto shelf on Goodreads that I use to keep track of my immediate reads. That really keeps me in line and it’s simple enough to update.

So, what do your stacks look like?

The Sunday Salon: The View From Where I Sit

What I’m Doing

My husband had to work today so I am cleaning out backpacks, filling up pencil boxes and doing laundry. Not very glamorous. So then I decided I was going to sit on the couch and read, but then I look outside my windows and see a sunny day with trees blooming everywhere. I find it incredibly hard to read when it’s so beautiful out.

However, I do have some book tours coming up, so at night I have been reading The Day The Falls Stood Still and The Angel’s Game. I alternate between the two. I am going to have to fit The Danish Girl in there as well as it’s my book club’s pick for next month.

Tonight I am making a roast with mashed potatoes and having a nice, relaxing dinner.

What I Did

This past week I reviewed Fear The Worst [review] and Bridge of Sighs [review]. I enjoyed them both in completely different ways. I will definitely read another Russo book as Bridge is still with me. I love it when I ponder a book long after finishing it.

Yesterday we rented 17 Again and we all enjoyed it. There are some cuss words which I sort of did not notice (because of my potty mouth) but my son pointed out that it was not appropriate for my daughter to hear. Yep, you are right son! I was probably distracted by the overall hotness of Zac Efron so if you have a young one in the house, take note of the language.

What I’m Excited About

My kids start school on Wednesday so I’m pretty excited about that. I have a 6th grader and a 1st grader now. My son is already getting sentimental over his last year in elementary school. My brain is not quite there yet but prepping for the week is sort of getting me there.

The campus where I work does not start classes until August 24th so this week is my last week of sanity before all those incoming freshman hit the campus. In addition to that, I am also taking advantage of the fee waiver benefit that the university grants me so I am taking GOLF. Last semester I took photography so this time around I thought I’d try something new.

So what are you all up to this fine Sunday?

I Voted

Have you? If not, click here. You have through August 15th to do so.

The Sunday Salon: The Holy Moly I’m Tired Edition

Four words—Back To School Shopping.

I’m utterly wiped out. My kids don’t start until the 19th but I got most of it done today. My girlfriend and I do it together (without kids) so we get a lot done but man, it’s a lot of walking around. We shopped, had lunch at Elephant Bar and then shopped for more. The cost of shoes is just astronomical and what’s with these Twinkle Toes that all the girls have to have? Geesh!

This post is a little backwards as I am completely exhausted but I saw Julie & Julia last night. It was wonderful! I love Meryl. She is fab in it and now I want a Julia Child cookbook. Have you seen it yet? The whole blog aspect was interesting.

Tonight we are going to grill some burgers and corn and just relax. I have another unpaid furlough day tomorrow which will be spent running some more errands but there will be time to post a review or two.

I logged in today and see that I’ve lost a follower. I take these things so personally. I know. Lame on my part but I often wonder what I’ve done. It WAS a terribly slow week as far as posts but it happens sometimes. Especially when school is looming and things must be taken care of.

What am I reading? Well, I plan to start The Angel’s Game tomorrow as well as The Day The Falls Stood Still. I am looking forward to both of them. What are you looking forward to?

Friday Finds: Of Bees and Mist

Friday Finds is hosted by Should Be Reading. Here’s my one find:

Of Bees and Mist by Erick Setiawan

Here’s the blurb from the publisher:

Of Bees and Mist is the tale of Meridia — raised in a sepulchral house where ghosts dwell in mirrors, she spends her childhood feeling neglected and invisible. Every evening her father vanishes inside a blue mist without so much as an explanation, and her mother spends her days venomously beheading cauliflowers in the kitchen. At sixteen, desperate to escape, Meridia marries a tenderhearted young man and moves into his seemingly warm and charming family home. Little does she suspect that his parents are harboring secrets of their own. There is a grave hidden in the garden. There are two sisters groomed from birth to despise each other. And there is Eva, the formidable matriarch whose grievances swarm the air like an army of bees. In this haunting story, Setiawan takes Meridia on a tumultuous ride of hope and heartbreak as she struggles to keep her young family together and discovers long-kept secrets about her own past as well as the shocking truths about her husband’s family.

Readers of magic-realist fiction will instantly be captivated by this richly evocative fairy tale. Of Bees and Mist takes place in a nameless town during a timeless era, where spirits and spells, witchcraft and demons, ghosts and clairvoyance — both real and imagined — are an everyday reality. Setiawan skillfully blends the real and the fantastical as he follows our heroine over a 30-year time span in which her love, courage, and sanity are tested to the limit.

I heard about this one from Shelf Awareness. I requested it so I hope I am lucky enough to get a copy.

On a personal note, today is my first furlough day so I am spending it at home with all of my books. I also have Monday off (also a furlough day) so this should be a great weekend for reading. What are you reading or looking forward to? I’m finishing up Bridge of Sighs and Fear the Worst and then I will be starting The Angel’s Game along with The Day the Falls Stood Still. I’m considering it a mini read-a-thon. Should be fun.


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