The Sunday Salon: Weekends Are Made of This

Sunday Salon

Reading, relaxing, cooking, lots and lots of TV and movie watching and yes…some creeping crud that seems to have found me. It doesn’t seem fair to finally have a long weekend and half of it is spent battling some weird virus but I’d rather be home fighting it than at work. So, there’s that.

Despite the crud, the weekend has been nice. We barbecued and relaxed and between The Walking Dead marathon and the Twilight Zone marathon, there has been plenty of TV watching.

What am I reading?

I had visions of spending the entire weekend reading but of course that didn’t happen. However, I am home now and done with everything I need to do so I am hoping to hang out on the couch with The Regulators or The Goldfinch. I just cannot get through The Goldfinch. It is just so darn slow. I have been singing the same song on that one for two weeks now. I need to just suck it up and get it read.

What am I cooking?

Nothing. After grilling burgers and dogs on the fourth, we’ve been eating leftovers and snacks. That is probably what we’ll do tonight too. Sometimes, all you need is cold, crisp watermelon. Especially in this heat!

What am I watching?

At the moment, nothing. The Girl wants to continue with Lost but really, I just want to lie down. My throat is all swollen and although I don’t feel all that bad, the size of my lymph nodes is a little annoying.

The Way, Way Back

I did manage to watch The Way, Way Back. I really liked it. Quirky, good performances and a summertime setting.

Well, I am off to take a nap or something. Have a good one!

The Sunday Salon: Refocus

Sunday Salon

For whatever reason, I started going through old profile pictures of myself from last year and it surprised me how much I’ve changed and not in a good way. I could be the poster child of “letting yourself go” which of course gave me pause and made me rather sad. Both physically and mentally, I am spent. After twenty minutes of wallowing, I perked up and decided that all is not lost. I can refocus if I choose too and so that is what I shall do.

I probably won’t make sweeping changes but I will focus on small ones for now. I purchased some new kicks so that I can start walking again. My legs have sufficiently recovered from the fall in May. I still have numbness in one leg but it’s a lot better than it was.

I have to be more careful with what I eat. I have been had a couple of gluten cross-contamination issues which causes me all sorts of problems so I need to be much more careful in the area of preparation. Once you feel “blah” it’s too easy to keep feeling that way.

Finally, I need to find joy every day. Whether it be ten minutes of listening to Yo-Yo Ma or taking a nap. Whatever it may be, I need it and I am not going to skip it because something else has to be done. So there.

As for today, I don’t feel all that great. I know! I am laughing because my first week to refocus and I wake up feeling lousy. I can’t tell if I am coming down with something or not but I poured myself a much-needed cup of coffee and now I am debating whether or not to go to church. No one wants to go with me. I may just go by myself.

This week will be a little crazy as the other two summer school classes The Teen is taking start this week. Now he is in a total of three classes and it all involves some planning in getting him to and  from class, etc. Hope it all goes smoothly.

The Girl’s summer camp goes to Knott’s Berry Farm this week. Just two weeks of camp and she is already tan and happy. That’s how I like her.

What am I reading?

What I am reading

I am still reading The Three and The Goldfinch and I added We Were Liars since everyone was talking about it. Tomorrow I am going to talk about my reading plans for the summer. I’ve changed my plans a little bit and I am looking forward to the change.

What am I cooking?

Garlic Shrimp

Last night I made garlic shrimp over gluten-free pasta which was totally thrown together last-minute and turned out great. Today? I have no appetite. No cravings. Nothing. I have no idea what to eat and the cupboards are bare. I have NO desire to go to the market either so not sure how we’ll fare for the day.

What am I watching?


The Girl and I started up with Lost again. We are on episode 22 of season one. How many episodes are there? Lordy! Claire just had her baby. I hope to finish out the season today.

I am also catching-up on my old movie DVR stash that I have going. Yesterday I watched Come September with Rock Hudson, Gina Lollobrigida, Sandra Dee and Bobby Darin and surprisingly, both The Girl and Teen plopped down to watch it with me. Today, I hope to see April in Paris with my favorite, Doris Day.

What are you doing today? Going anywhere fun? Reading anything really good that I need to know about?

The Sunday Salon: Theater, Religion & Sickness

Sunday Salon

I really do love my weekends.

Friday night, since my kids are not in the The Wizard of Oz this time, we actually got to sit down like real theater patrons and enjoy the show. I always enjoy the show but there is a certain level of panicky “something” going on when your kids are IN the show. Plus, all those hours of working backstage means that you can tell right off the bat if something is amiss. This time, I went into it totally clueless and it was nice.

That said, Grease is just around the corner. We had to find a 50’s prom dress for The Girl and after hitting THREE second-hand shops, I think we found something but she doesn’t like it. Says it’s too babyish but hey…the 50s dresses that I have seen are on the modest side. Plus, she is only ten but playing a teen. What kind of dresses does she think will fit her anyway?

Oh, and then right after seeing Wizard she asked to do Annie. Sigh. Registration is this week and auditions take place Theaterin September. It’s hard for me to think that far ahead but I know it will be here before I know it.

In other news, The Teen was baptized. Nothing can be easy in our family so he is now a member of one church and we are members of another. It was actually a very nice experience. He has some very good people watching over him in the church so I trust that he will be okay. That’s really all I can do at this point.

This morning we went to our church and he went to his, we ran errands and now we are cleaning. Fun!

What am I reading?

The Goldfinch

Yep. The Goldfinch. Just one of three books I am reading but because it’s a book club book, I am giving it priority right now. Although the story is interesting, I am wondering why it takes so many pages to tell it. I am reading it on my Kindle and I swear, it is stuck at the 7% mark.

What am I cooking?

I am not cooking anything. The Teen is going to see The Wizard of Oz again. This time, to see the opposite cast.  The Girl is not feeling well and doesn’t seem to have an appetite for anything and although I tried to tempt her with tea and  my special cinnamon toast, she turned it down. That is not a good sign. She started summer day camp last week. I am sure she is adjusting to all of the new kid germs she’s been introduced to. How wonderful!

What am I watching?

Not a thing. I am having one of those days where silence is preferred over noise of any kind. In fact, I may take a nap, although it’s getting a little late in the day for it.

What are you doing? Are you reading anything really, really good that I need to know about? I feel like starting The Three but I am no sure I can keep my eyes open. Yes, maybe I will take that nap after all.

The Sunday Salon: Father’s Day 2014

The Fam

It’s been a great weekend so far. Due to the fact that none of us enjoy crowds, we celebrated Father’s Day on Saturday by visiting the George C. Page Museum and the La Brea Tar pits. A few years ago, when they added the underground parking structure, they found not only fossils but a near complete mammoth skeleton. Can you believe it? Had they not developed that one section, they never would have known about it. Part of it was on display. I should say, parts of it were all over the museum. They haven’t had the chance to put him back together again.

After the tooling around the museum we hit The Grove for some window shopping and a nice lunch at Maggiano’s. UCLA graduated yesterday too but we managed to slip lunch in before the crowds hit. Our timing could not have been better because when we left, that place was packed.

Today, we relaxed with coffee and then hit church. The Hub was not feeling it but when he got there, he volunteered to sing a song (Take Me Out to the Ball Game) and won an all day retreat package from the church! Breakfast, music, teaching and then a VIP bus ride to Dodger stadium which includes the all-you-can-eat pavilion! He’s pretty happy right now.

Now, we are all back home and just doing our own thing.

The Girl still has two more days of school and summer school starts for The Teen tomorrow. Mid-week, summer day camp begins for The Girl. She’s excited.

Sunday Salon

What am I reading?

I am reading Mr. Mercedes and a little over half way done. I am really enjoying it and don’t want to rush through it too fast, but I am way behind on my book club book, The Goldfinch so I may have to pick up the pace.

What am I cooking?

Tonight? I am not sure. We just had a big lunch and I have stuff to make spaghetti tonight but I am not sure anyone is in the mood for it.

What am I watching?

It was a free HBO weekend for us so I recorded some movies, Moonrise Kingdom and Oblivion. I am thinking we will be in the mood to see Oblivion later. I am not a Cruise fan but he makes some pretty good action flicks.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there and to you single moms…happy day to you as well!

The Sunday Salon: Not Exactly As Planned

Sunday Salon

On Friday, the regular school year ended for The Teen. I say “regular” because his sign-language class begins at the community college on June 16th and health and P.E. (yes, P.E. since he dropped the last quarter of track) begins on July 1st. It’s been a rough, rough year for a lot of reasons and the very end of the semester caused me a lot of grief. As a parent, you can’t help but be concerned when things don’t go as planned. I really hope that some lessons can be learned from this past year because if we have another year like this last one, I will lose my mind.

As for The Girl, her last day is June 17th. Her track/award picnic has been rescheduled three times and now it conflicts with The Teen’s baptism! Not sure how we are going to fit it all in. Plus, I am all emotional over the baptism since it is being done at a church different from our own. I am open-minded and all that but I can’t help but feel a little divided over this decision and one made at such a young age. I’ll leave it at that.

As usual, the weekend flew by. After chores and church and the dreaded market, I have maybe an hour or so to read later. Maybe. The Tony Awards might affect that. With all the theater productions these kids have done it’s hard to not watch that one. The Girl will have to watch it tomorrow though because it comes on so late here.

What am I reading?

I have to finish All Day and a Night for a book tour. I think it’s pretty good so far and I am a little over halfway done. Of course, I am also reading Mr. Mercedes. I ran right out and got it on release day but have read maybe twenty pages. I just haven’t had the time this weekend but it’s sitting on the shelf staring at me and it’s killing me that I cannot get to it until later.

What am I cooking?

I am baking some BBQ chicken (to keep it moist) and made a potato-cheese casserole that we’ll have with salad and baked beans. I also made a gluten-free cake with chocolate icing.

What am I watching?

We watched Frozen for the first time yesterday and just watched it again. It was that good. I had no desire to see it at all but after just ten minutes of watching it, I knew I was going to watch the entire thing. We also watched Loser, which is a sweet, funny comedy that I like to watch every now and then. Later, the Tony Awards.

I hope you all had a nice weekend. I have been off of Facebook and Feedly so I haven’t had a chance to see how you are all doing but I am thinking of you all.

The Sunday Salon: Almost Done!

Sunday Salon

Hello there! I am in a good spot this weekend. One, I don’t have to hit the grocery store and two, we have absolutely nothing going on so we’ve all be resting up. It’s amazing how your outlook on life changes with just a little bit of rest.

Last week was hellish and I never want to repeat it. End of the school-year stresses, DRAMA, and just too much going on. This week has a lot going on too but I am hoping it goes a little smoother.  I’ll be dividing my time between summer school orientation, doctor’s appointments, an award ceremony, book club and rehearsals. Let’s hope The Girl gets a part in Grease! She finds out on Wednesday. Oh, and I can’t forget the upcoming track party. See how I almost forgot it?

Right now, I just finished watching church online. I was a little sluggish this morning but the message was awesome so I am glad I tuned in. I really wish I had attended the live service though. The guest band was awesome. Anyway, I’ll be sure to attend in-person next week.

What am I reading?

Folks, I am a reading machine. I have reviews scheduled through June. Unheard of for me! I am trying to finish The Tenant of Wildfell Hall for book club this Thursday. It’s really good and I am enjoying it but it’s a little slow. The only thing that I sort of forgot, was my book tour for June (All Day and a Night). I plan to start it today, if possible.

All Day and a Night

What am I cooking?

I just made cinnamon rolls for the family and I made some sausage and eggs for myself. Of course, I also made loads of coffee and I am about to enjoy cup #3. Later, we may go out for burgers or order in.

What am I watching?

I picked up a $5 copy of Hot Tub Time Machine yesterday so I may throw that in to enjoy later. Right now, I am not in much of a mood to watching anything. I’d rather hang out with a book. It’s too pretty out to just sit in front of the TV.

Anyway, that’s my weekend. School is almost out. The Teen’s last day is this Friday and The Girl does not get out until June 17th but her camp starts on June 16th. Go figure. I know it won’t seem like summer with The Teen taking THREE classes this summer between independent learning and the local college but he has no choice if he wants to continue all his activities next year.

What’s your day look like?

The Sunday Salon: All About The Monsters

Godzilla Movie Poster
Some movies, you just have to see in a theater and Godzilla is one of those movies. Because of my extreme irritation with most movie goers (texting, talking and overall rudeness) we like to go to a theater where you pay a little more but can reserve your seats ahead of time.  I cannot do 3D and the only showing that worked for us ended up being in a really tiny theater, only eight rows but every single person in there was there for one thing, the movie! So, it was an awesome experience. Big screen, small audience and all of us riveted. That’s how it should be.

The movie was everything I expected it to be and yes, I expected some cheesy bits and some humor and some ridiculous moments but the monsters looked really good and the fighting was good too. I would have liked to have seen more of Godzilla and the acting was sort of lacking all the way around but if you are a fan of monster movies, you will enjoy this one.

A word of caution. My daughter is ten and had no problem with Godzilla at all but the preview that they showed before the movie was a very scary horror movie. I forget the name of it but that trailer kept her up half the night! She could not go to sleep and had a really had time with it.  So, beware of the trailer.

Sunday Salon

Now, for my Sunday. We hardly ever go anywhere during Memorial Day weekend. We are usually too wiped out to do much and that is absolutely the case this weekend.  We are heading to church within the hour and then afterward, I have to hit the market because we are out of everything and you can’t grill your dinner if you don’t have anything to grill.  I keep waiting for one of those contraptions from The Jetsons when you just punch in what you want and it magically appears but I guess the technology isn’t there yet.  I SO wish it was.

This week, The Girl auditions for Grease, The Teen will hopefully finish his summer school enrollment and then I can have some inkling at what we are looking at for summer.

What am I reading?

I am about halfway through with The Vacationers. It’s very readable but it’s not wowing me in any way.  I am about to start The Fever and then I really have to read my book club book for next month, The Tenant of Wildfell Hall which I started but then put down.

I am also reading Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret with my daughter. We take turns reading it out loud. It’s very mild compared to what I remember. We are almost done though and she can’t wait for us to start another book.

I am listening to a HORRIBLE audio book right now. I am giving it some time because it has to get better. It’s Rick Springfield’s Magnificent Vibration. I am not feeling it at all. However, I love him to pieces so I am giving him the benefit of the doubt and will stick with it a bit longer.

What am I cooking?

I think we will grill burgers tonight and then tomorrow, steaks and those scallops I talked about the other day.

What am I watching?

I was watching some Adam 12 the other day and I recorded Yo-Yo Ma’s Silk Road Ensemble concert on PBS which I want to watch at some point. Other than that, whatever everyone is in the mood for. No agenda this weekend.

Well, gotta get ready for church but I hope you all have a nice, relaxing weekend.


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