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Sunday Matters: What’s On Your Mind?

Sunday Matters

My mind is overflowing with tiny blips of info so to clear my head, I will just share them here so I can move on with my Sunday.

  • The Sound of Music is behind us and I have no photos to share because photos are not allowed backstage.
  • The early morning registration for Peter Pan was a success. She’s in. Auditions are in September.
  • Slowly trying to piece together a beach inspired bedroom for The Girl. It’s her graduation gift and has been a long time coming.
  • Seriously thinking about going vegan again after numerous food reactions this past week. Do I have the patience for it? I lasted three years the last time I tried.
  • My closet. Still trying to figure out the whole “clothes should bring you joy” thing. Because honestly, they don’t.

Right Now:

Do you hear that? Birds. I love the sound of birds. I’ve been rushing around these past few weeks and so I haven’t been able to sit down long enough to hear them but I hear them today.  Our yard is full of them even though the yard itself is struggling from the drought. Twenty minutes of watering a week in this dry climate is not nearly enough to keep things alive.

At the moment, I am downing coffee and then we are off to church. According to the website I do not need to volunteer tonight so I get to hang out at home. Cook a nice meal and watch a  movie perhaps?

This Week:

My focus this week is to do something each day that reminds me of summer. My weeks blend into one another and it’s kind of hard lately to come up with stuff to share here. You know what I mean? That whole auto-pilot thing that I put myself on. I want each day to stand out so I am going to do something each day that will make each day unique. Wish me luck.


I finished A Little Life. It. Destroyed. Me. Wow. What a book. I encourage you to read it but know going in, that it is a tough subject matter to read about.

I also finished Luckiest Girl Alive. Hmmm. I have to write my thoughts up but it wasn’t what I expected at all.

I started Finders Keepers and Nantucket but I also have to read my book club selection Other Voices, Other Rooms by Capote so I am not that far into any of them.

I’ve decided to really pick up the pace for July because… the Atlas Shrugged read along (#AtlasRAL) begins on July 1st.  I’ve got all sorts of fun folks reading it with me and because it’s such a brick of a book I really need to stay on top of my other reading too or I will become the reading slug I was in June.


Not a good time for TV but Chrisley Knows Best started up again and somehow I got sucked into it for another season. It’s very repetitive. Rich man trying to instill morals into his rich kids while they all live it up in the South.  It’s fun though.

I want to watch a movie. A really good one, preferably available on Netflix instant view. Any suggestions?


Not sure what I’ll make tonight.

Grateful for:

A weekend of rest.

Grab Your Book! Long Weekend Ahead!

Grab Your BookI get excited about long weekends even when I know there won’t be much time to read. Like this weekend, we will be out and about and yet, I still feel the need to toss books into a bag and go.

This weekend though, I find myself completely consumed with A Little Life.

A Little Life

It’s exactly the kind of book I like. Deeply flawed main character and heartbreaking passages aside, this book comes to me at the right time and it just fits. I just love when that happens. So this weekend, I am devoting what little reading time I may have, to this one book. Unheard of for me!

What about you? What’s in your bag this weekend?