The Sunday Salon: Book Club and a Concert

Concerts at the Park

It’s been a great weekend so far. Yesterday, my book club met to discuss The Goldfinch. I finished it in the nick of time. Seriously. I had a hard time reading that one steadily but I really, really enjoyed it and that last 5% on my Kindle was, well, amazing. It’s one of those books where you definitely feel as if you’ve been on a journey. I miss it a little bit.

Last night, we hit the first concert at the park. It was the largest crowd I’ve ever seen. You can see some of the crowd above. The band was a Journey tribute band and I must say, the lead singer sounded almost identical to Steve Perry. The music was awesome and the forty-somethings, holding each other and singing to Don’t Stop Believing was funny and cool at the same time. BOTH kids came with, which  made it extra nice. Yes, I am talking about The Teen!

Anyway, we snacked and lounged and hung out. It was the perfect way to end the day.

Today? No one feels like going to church except The Teen so he’ll go and I suspect we will end up at the bookstore or the market or both. You know how I hate the market. I really want the food to just appear but no matter how hard I wish, it never happens.

In other news, I entered this design contest to win a signed copy of Murakami’s new book. I’ve posted everywhere about it and will continue to do so until it ends on 8/8. I apologize in advance if you tire of seeing the posts but seriously, it’s two clicks and you don’t need to like a thing in order to vote. Voting can take place daily. I’ve seen  many of you vote already and I can’t tell you how grateful I am . To vote, click here.

Sunday Salon

What am I reading?

Now that I am done with The Goldfinch I am back to my Summer of King with The Regulators. I also realized that I never finished The Three. Probably not a good sign. I mean, I really thought I HAD finished it but looking at my Kindle I left it at 69%. Oops.

What am I cooking?

It has been pretty hot here. The only thing that sounds good right now, is maybe a foo-foo salad with candied pecans and feta or something like that.

What am I watching?

I got Better Off Dead in the mail yesterday from Netflix. I am anxious to share that one with The Girl and Teen.

What are you up to today? Are you reading a must-read book? If so, do tell.

Long Weekends, Mint Infused Limeade and a Birthday!

Grab Your Book

Guess what, guys? Today is my Friday! I know some people have to work over the holiday but I think many of you are off. What do you have planned for the long weekend? BBQs? Picnics? Trips to the beach? Initially I thought we might have some people over. At least, that is what The Girl thought. She dreams up these gatherings on her own. Unfortunately, after working all week the last thing I want to do is throw a party of any kind. Call me anti-social. I’ll forgive you.

Right now, the plan is to make a big pot of chili, grill some burgers and hot dogs and watch a bunch of movies. The movies? Haven’t picked them out yet but it doesn’t even matter. Me, in front of the TV with my feet up is all that matters and if that happens, all will be right in the world. I also plan to mix-up some Mint Infused Limeade. We sampled this drink a few weeks ago and it was very refreshing! This drink is non-alcoholic but you could add a little vodka if you wanted to add a little something to it.


Mint infused limeade

Photo & Recipe from Food & Style

Somewhere in all of this we will watch the Nathan’s hot dog Eating contest! It’s a tradition to watch but depending on who is in it, I sometimes have a mini-gag fest with myself. It’s just not attractive to watch a bunch of guys scarf food down in that manner. And yeah, it somehow does not affect our own hot dog eating, which is a little weird if you ask me.

Fireworks? We might all pile into the car last-minute to see the fireworks in progress,  but I doubt we will want to after the sloth of the day. None of us like crowds and we have the Otter Pup to consider and she’ll be 4 years-old tomorrow! We knew she was about 5-6 months old when we rescued her so we picked July 4th for her birthday. She has been a joy. I think she likes us too. Can you tell?

The Otter Pup and The Hub

The Otter Pup is 4 years old!

Oh, and I can’t forget the reading can I? That is a huge part of my weekend. Especially since I am still limping along with The Goldfinch. Much more fun to discuss is The Summer of King. I started The Regulators and it’s reminding me a bit of Mr. Mercedes, at least in its opening. It takes place in the summer so it’s the perfect read for me right now. I just want to drop everything to read it. I am not that far in, only about 15% but I can already tell that I am going to like it.

That said, grab your book, pour a refreshing drink and enjoy your weekend!

The Sunday Salon: Almost Done!

Sunday Salon

Hello there! I am in a good spot this weekend. One, I don’t have to hit the grocery store and two, we have absolutely nothing going on so we’ve all be resting up. It’s amazing how your outlook on life changes with just a little bit of rest.

Last week was hellish and I never want to repeat it. End of the school-year stresses, DRAMA, and just too much going on. This week has a lot going on too but I am hoping it goes a little smoother.  I’ll be dividing my time between summer school orientation, doctor’s appointments, an award ceremony, book club and rehearsals. Let’s hope The Girl gets a part in Grease! She finds out on Wednesday. Oh, and I can’t forget the upcoming track party. See how I almost forgot it?

Right now, I just finished watching church online. I was a little sluggish this morning but the message was awesome so I am glad I tuned in. I really wish I had attended the live service though. The guest band was awesome. Anyway, I’ll be sure to attend in-person next week.

What am I reading?

Folks, I am a reading machine. I have reviews scheduled through June. Unheard of for me! I am trying to finish The Tenant of Wildfell Hall for book club this Thursday. It’s really good and I am enjoying it but it’s a little slow. The only thing that I sort of forgot, was my book tour for June (All Day and a Night). I plan to start it today, if possible.

All Day and a Night

What am I cooking?

I just made cinnamon rolls for the family and I made some sausage and eggs for myself. Of course, I also made loads of coffee and I am about to enjoy cup #3. Later, we may go out for burgers or order in.

What am I watching?

I picked up a $5 copy of Hot Tub Time Machine yesterday so I may throw that in to enjoy later. Right now, I am not in much of a mood to watching anything. I’d rather hang out with a book. It’s too pretty out to just sit in front of the TV.

Anyway, that’s my weekend. School is almost out. The Teen’s last day is this Friday and The Girl does not get out until June 17th but her camp starts on June 16th. Go figure. I know it won’t seem like summer with The Teen taking THREE classes this summer between independent learning and the local college but he has no choice if he wants to continue all his activities next year.

What’s your day look like?

Slow The Heck Down

Books and Happiness

Photo Credit: Sasha Pirthee Creates

I am ready for this crazy week to end. I had something going on EVERY night this week. Concerts, school performances, audition prep for Grease. I am so tired!

Yes, it is all coming to a close soon but with summer comes additional stuff like the THREE summer school classes that The Teen is taking to make sure he is on track. When you have two periods of choir and two periods of drama, you end up going to summer school to make sure you are on track for graduation. Who knows about student government at this point? It’s a wild card. When I was in high school you couldn’t take any of this stuff until you had the requirements met. Ultimately, I can veto all of it but now he believes he wants to go to a performing arts school which justifies the heavy art load. Sort of.

All I want to do this weekend is sit down with a book and maybe throw something on the grill. This book has my interest right now. I am a good 100 pages in and hooked so far:

Cutting Teeth

The theater department had a seafood fundraiser and I bought a bag of these gigantic scallops and a bag of jumbo shrimp. Weird idea for a fundraiser, huh? I sure hope they weren’t sitting in a van down by the river in 100 degree heat before arriving at my doorstep. Anyway, the shrimp I can always use but I don’t have any tried and true recipes for the scallops.

After looking online, I found this recipe, Scallops and Corn Chowder from Real Simple. Doesn’t it look good? It’s does not involve the grill but that’s okay. Sitting outside with a tall glass of something and a bowl of this? Bliss.

Scallops and Corn Chowder

I’ve also been wondering, in my more lucid moments, where my sense of style went. It’s vanished. I would like to spiff up my style in some way. I am very practical when it comes to clothes and I hate spending money on clothes when I can spend it on other things, but I don’t think I can ignore the fact that my style is in the $h^t#@r. I like comfortable but the last time I checked, looking like a hobo wasn’t a thing.

Anyway, I must go and look productive. I hope you have a nice, relaxing weekend.

The Sunday Salon: It’s a Soup Kind of Day

My Reading

Happy Sunday! Today is all about relaxing because I made the mistake of going to the mall yesterday to do a little shopping. Good lord! I have no patience for that stuff anymore. People were friendly. Actually, I was surprised how friendly the store clerks were given the amount of people they were assisting, but I was in a foul mood and it just got worse from there.

I hate how regular products are repackaged for Christmas and then marked up a dollar or two just because it’s Christmas. I wore the wrong shoes which made the entire experience more painful and I only picked up one gift, and I was there for over three hours. That’s right. I got overwhelmed with the glitz and the volume of everything. Stores so full of merchandise and people, that I literally could not walk from point A to point B.

I love LUSH, but their stores are too small to have more than ten people working the floor. I need to go back at night, during the week to pick-up what I need because I could not even get to the shelf. But everyone was as happy and perky as can be when they asked me no less than five times if I needed help. Not their fault that I had a case of the grumps.

The holidays, gotta love them.

Oh, and it’s been so cold here!! The mornings have been about 30 degrees and last night, when I left the mall a gust of wind took my breath away. It was so cold. It sort of felt good after being in that stuffy mall but I could not get to the car fast enough.

By the way, I forgot to buy coffee creamer while out so this morning I am without creamer again.

Sunday Salon

What am I reading?

From the photo above, you can see that I am still reading The Abominable. I love it and now I am just prolonging the inevitable, the end of it. It’s a great adventure book but given that it takes place on Mount Everest and the characters brave below freezing temps, I find myself shivering and reaching for my blanket every time I read it. I wonder if it would have the same effect on me if I had read it over the summer months?

What am I cooking?

At the request of The Teen, I am making Potato Cheese soup tonight but guess what? He won’t be here to eat it because he just offered to work a holiday dinner event. That kid is a “yes” man. He needs to learn how to say No. I am hoping to make a big enough batch to eat it more than once this week. Tonight, we’ll pair it with a nice, leafy salad to round it out.

Click on the photo to see the recipe.

Potato Cheese soup

Photo Credit “Parsley”

What am I watching?

Well, it’s that time of the year. We watched Deck the Halls with Matthew Broderick and I may watch The Family Stone later today. I really wanted to watch White Christmas with a group on Twitter yesterday but the timing didn’t work for me, given that I am on the West coast.

The other day, I heard about CBS airing the lost Christmas episode of I Love Lucy along with her Italian movie episode where she stomped on the grapes. Remember that one? Well on 12/20 both episodes will air in color? Will you watch? I prefer B&W but to see the lost episode for the first time? Yes, I plan to record it. We will be at Disneyland that day so I will have to wait until the next day to see it.

Click here to see a preview. Is it me, or do they look better in color?


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