The Sunday Salon: It’s a Soup Kind of Day

My Reading

Happy Sunday! Today is all about relaxing because I made the mistake of going to the mall yesterday to do a little shopping. Good lord! I have no patience for that stuff anymore. People were friendly. Actually, I was surprised how friendly the store clerks were given the amount of people they were assisting, but I was in a foul mood and it just got worse from there.

I hate how regular products are repackaged for Christmas and then marked up a dollar or two just because it’s Christmas. I wore the wrong shoes which made the entire experience more painful and I only picked up one gift, and I was there for over three hours. That’s right. I got overwhelmed with the glitz and the volume of everything. Stores so full of merchandise and people, that I literally could not walk from point A to point B.

I love LUSH, but their stores are too small to have more than ten people working the floor. I need to go back at night, during the week to pick-up what I need because I could not even get to the shelf. But everyone was as happy and perky as can be when they asked me no less than five times if I needed help. Not their fault that I had a case of the grumps.

The holidays, gotta love them.

Oh, and it’s been so cold here!! The mornings have been about 30 degrees and last night, when I left the mall a gust of wind took my breath away. It was so cold. It sort of felt good after being in that stuffy mall but I could not get to the car fast enough.

By the way, I forgot to buy coffee creamer while out so this morning I am without creamer again.

Sunday Salon

What am I reading?

From the photo above, you can see that I am still reading The Abominable. I love it and now I am just prolonging the inevitable, the end of it. It’s a great adventure book but given that it takes place on Mount Everest and the characters brave below freezing temps, I find myself shivering and reaching for my blanket every time I read it. I wonder if it would have the same effect on me if I had read it over the summer months?

What am I cooking?

At the request of The Teen, I am making Potato Cheese soup tonight but guess what? He won’t be here to eat it because he just offered to work a holiday dinner event. That kid is a “yes” man. He needs to learn how to say No. I am hoping to make a big enough batch to eat it more than once this week. Tonight, we’ll pair it with a nice, leafy salad to round it out.

Click on the photo to see the recipe.

Potato Cheese soup

Photo Credit “Parsley”

What am I watching?

Well, it’s that time of the year. We watched Deck the Halls with Matthew Broderick and I may watch The Family Stone later today. I really wanted to watch White Christmas with a group on Twitter yesterday but the timing didn’t work for me, given that I am on the West coast.

The other day, I heard about CBS airing the lost Christmas episode of I Love Lucy along with her Italian movie episode where she stomped on the grapes. Remember that one? Well on 12/20 both episodes will air in color? Will you watch? I prefer B&W but to see the lost episode for the first time? Yes, I plan to record it. We will be at Disneyland that day so I will have to wait until the next day to see it.

Click here to see a preview. Is it me, or do they look better in color?

The Sunday Salon: Reading Sputnik, The Holidays and Good Coffee

Reading Sputnik

What a week. The last week before vacation is always super long, and this week was painful to get through. I COULD NOT wait for it be over. We had the normal stuff going on but with the holidays approaching, I was forced to buy a few gifts and I committed to donating some things so I found myself at the MALL after my dental appointment yesterday.

Oh my.

The mall was all decked out and crowded. I do not like crowds but I managed to get a premium parking spot (good timing) which  made me want to stay there longer and for a split second, I had it in my head that I’d do my shopping, all of it. Ha! Don’t worry though, I came to my senses quickly and picked up what I went there for and took off like a bat out of hell.

Right now, on this super chilly morning, I am enjoying cheese grits and some really good coffee while listening to Bing Crosby. The Otter Pup found a ray of sunshine to bask in, and the house is nice and quiet. We don’t have anywhere to go to today as I finished all my errands yesterday so today is all about relaxing.

Sunday Salon

What am I reading?

Nadia and I decided to read Sputnik Sweetheart by Haruki Murakami this week. We were both hankering for Murakami’s writing so I put it out there for others and a few decided to drink the Kool-aid with us. We’ll be on Twitter off and on this week chatting about the book (#readingsputnik).

I just finished World War Z and will be writing up my thoughts on that one soon. Not sure what I expected exactly but I thought it was a tad tame. The Abominable by Dan Simmons is soooo good that I find myself savoring it a bit too much. It’s a library check out and I’ve already renewed it once. I have to finish it soon or risk an overdue notice. Eeep.

Do you find yourself gravitating towards certain kinds of books this time of year? The Abominable is all about Mount Everest so I am literally freezing my tush off every time I pick it up.

As some of you know I am off all this week and planning our annual Thanksgiving in PJs. BUT, this week my nephews are coming to visit. My one nephew is bringing his family which includes three sweet little girls so we will be visiting with them at some point after the holiday itself. The Girl is really looking forward to seeing them.

What am I cooking?

Another Sunday without any cooking. We are hitting a Mexican market later to pick up a Chicken Picnic which is rotisserie chicken (2), fresh tortillas, rice beans and salsa. Why cook when someone else can do it for you?

What am I watching?

Last night we watched Weird Science. It’s not the weekend around here unless we work an 80′s movie into the mix. Tonight is The Walking Dead but in between, I may watch a Christmas movie in there somewhere. Maybe, Love Actually. I ADORE that movie and isn’t Andrew Lincoln in it? Yes, he is the hunky guy with the signs, right?

I’m really in the mood to see Home for the Holidays with Holly Hunter, but I don’t own it and my DVR says it’s coming on the first week in December so I must wait. It’s the perfect movie to watch around Thanksgiving.  Crazy family, good acting and Robert Downey, Jr.

What are you doing today?

The Sunday Salon: Long Weekend

Sunday Salon

It is Sunday! Glorious Sunday. I especially love Sundays when I do not have to work on Monday, and that is the case this week.

We are still dealing with warm weather. It was 86 degrees yesterday but we are also dealing with epic winds. Wind, paired with high heat and furloughed firefighters is not a good combination. The Teen wanted to decorate the house for Halloween this weekend, but if the winds don’t die down it won’t happen. He’s a tad disappointed, It’s one of his favorite things to do.

Other than that, we made Pumpkin bread and I will be pulling out the inside decor for now. Maybe that will put us in the mood.

What am I reading?

I am not ploughing through books like I used to. LIFE continues to get into the way and my focus is not there, but I am almost done with The Interestings and Doctor Sleep. Both, very good. My mind just isn’t able to concentrate these days.

Oh a good note, The Teen read Joyland and then asked me to buy him another King book. Wha?? Did I hear that right? So, we picked up The Shining and no, I didn’t own a copy because I gave it away! Now, I will probably need to buy a hard copy of Doctor Sleep because mine is a Kindle copy and he already told me that he wants to read it right after. This made me happy in ways that you cannot believe. Reading is not his thing.

What am I cooking?

Tonight? Nothing. We are taking The Girl out for her 10th birthday dinner She has a craving for ribs so ribs she shall have. Her birthday is actually tomorrow but they have rehearsal tomorrow night. Yep, during fall break but we knew this early on. So tomorrow we are taking the day off to celebrate with her but a nice dinner out will be enjoyed tonight.

What am I watching?

We watched The Jerk again last night and we have been watching Emergency on Netflix. Remember that show? I could watch it all day long.

What are you doing today?

Friday Check-In: Thinking About the Holidays (already)

I was told the other day, that I have to take a bunch of vacation before the end of the year or I will lose it. I always take time off at the end of the year, but since I didn’t take any time this summer, I guess I am closer to the max than I thought I was. A nice surprise, for sure.

So, I’ve been looking at the holidays a little sooner than I normally do, because I have to figure out which days I am going to take off. I have also been thinking about which doorstop (and I say this as affectionately as possible) I will be reading over Thanksgiving week and I think it will be this one:

The Abominable

I was hoping to get an ARC of The Abominable but I wasn’t one of the lucky few, so I think I will load up the Kindle with this one and spend the entire Thanksgiving week reading, eating and sleeping! Those that have known me for awhile know about my Thanksgiving Day in PJs, but yeah… we spend the entire day in PJs and lounge around. Sounds magnificent, doesn’t it? I can’t wait! I love so sink my teeth into a chunkster over a nice long break.

As for the other days I will be taking off, they will fall before Christmas and after, as my kids have over three weeks off for winter break. That is a long time to be off from school. huh?

Since I have been thinking about the holidays, I have been having fun looking up recipes and checking out the decor stores but this year, it seems as if all of the stores are skipping over Halloween and going straight into Christmas. I think this happened last year too, but not quite this early. I suppose retailers want us to start buying earlier and putting out all the Christmas stuff is supposed to get you into the mood. In theory, it would be nice to be able to enjoy the Christmas lights longer than we normally do (I love twinkly lights!), but at the same time, if my neighbors hung Christmas lights up now, I would snicker for sure.

This weekend is a long weekend for my kids. A four-day for The Teen and a super long one for The Girl as it’s fall break in these parts. Monday, we are celebrating her 10th birthday so I am taking the day off to spend it with her. She has a lot planned. Shopping, eating and movie watching. They both have rehearsals next week though which puts the kabosh on it feeling like any sort of holiday week. Speaking of rehearsals, auditions and callbacks are over and now we are waiting for the final cast list. We won’t know what they got until Tuesday.

Well, that’s all I have. Hope you all have a great weekend and if any of you plan to read The Abominable, let me know. Could be fun to read it together.

The Sunday Salon: Our Busy Week

My View

Happy Sunday! We started it with a plateful of bacon and pancakes and two cups of coffee. The Otter Pup loves it when we have bacon because she always manages to snag a few small pieces. She’s always such a happy little pup when she gets a morsel of bacon. Who am I kidding? Bacon makes me happy too.

That pic up there is my view at the moment, but I suspect that will all change once I’ve showered as The Girl is antsy and wants to get out of the house. Who can blame her? Summer continues with 90 degree temps so to her, it’s a nice long summer but for me? I am SO over it! The stores are stocked with Halloween and in some cases Christmas stuff and here we are in 90 degree weather. I swear, if I have to cook a turkey in 100 degree weather this Thanksgiving (it has happened) I will lose it!

Can you see the dog’s bone, stuffed into that one corner of the couch? She keeps it there, for safekeeping and I am supposed to pretend it’s not there. La la la.

This week we start rehearsals for Oliver! It’s also homecoming week so it will be very, very busy and we also have cross-country practices and audition prep, and the football game and dance. The Teen and I will both be working the dance. Yes, it will be super busy.

Plus, I have decided to start walking again in the mornings. I start tomorrow. Wish me luck. I get so bored even with my iPod full of books. I walk around campus and it’s dark and cool and there is all sorts of stuff to see but I still get bored.

Sunday Salon

What am I reading?

I am reading The Art of Fielding, finally. You may recall The Girl dumped an entire bottle of water on the ARC when I first got it, so now I am reading a borrowed copy and I could kick myself for waiting so long to read it. It’s pretty good so far. Bellman and Black, final pages. I should have been done yesterday but I didn’t read anything yesterday. Instead, we watched movies.

What am I cooking?

I made a bunch of chicken for tacos last night and I am planning to turn it into chicken tortilla soup for lunch, but I really hope to go out for dinner later. It will depend on The Teen’s schedule. He is scheduled to work all day planning the dance. It would be nice if he could join us for dinner but I am not counting on it.

What am I watching?

Right now? Nothing, but I recorded Night Shift, the comedy with Michael Keaton and I also recorded Friday the 13th, which really should have been watched on Friday, the 13th but with The Girl around, I skipped it. She did watch Aliens for the first time yesterday. She seems to do well with “fantastical” stories as opposed to things that could actually happen to a person. She laughed her head off at Newt’s high-pitched scream and thought the acid for blood was pretty cool.

What are you doing today?


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