Grab Your Book: Reading Anything Good?

Grab Your Book

FRIDAY! Finally! This has been the longest week ever and all sorts of stuff happened.

The callback list for Annie posted and both kids got a callback. The Teen got called back for Rooster (Tim Curry played him in the movie), which is what he tried out for but sadly, The Girl did not get called back for Annie. Instead, she got a callback for Duffy, one of the other orphans. Both, great roles. We won’t know who made the final cast until Tuesday afternoon but both said their callback went well. The suspense…it kills me.

I got a promotion at work. I never talk work on here but hey, I am happy.

Another thing that happened this week is that my daughter’s teacher enrolled her in a Title 1 program. Now, I don’t know much about Title 1 so maybe you teacher folks can clue me in but I was a little surprised about her being added to this program. She started Kindergarten when she was four, before they changed the cut-off date so every year she lags a bit in the beginning. I hear this repeatedly at the parent conferences but then once she is back into the routine of things, she is okay. However, this teacher, whom I love and was also was the teacher for my son when he was in 6th, said she needs some additional help so of course, this concerns me. Plus, I asked The Girl who else was added to the program and she said, her words, “The new girl who does not speak English.” Oh my. I have a meeting to discuss the program on 10/16. I figure extra math help cannot hurt but it threw me off a little.

These days, I need reading more than anything. Kid stuff, work stuff, you know the drill. Every time I turn on the TV something horrible has happened somewhere. And although my schedule seems more manageable, I find that I am not handling what I have as well as I used to. I suppose it’s just a lack of patience. Why do I have to be here? What’s the point? Tell it to me in three sentences or less. Yeah. I know many of you can relate.

So, why can’t we all just sit down and read and not worry about any of it? That is my question.

I just finished I Am Malala and I have a confession. I had absolutely NO desire to read it but I flew through it in just a couple of sittings and now I am glad I read it. That is why I belong to a book club. Had it not been chosen, I don’t think I would have picked it up on my own.

Just started Something Wicked This Way Comes for the read along Sandy and I are hosting. More of you have decided to join us and we couldn’t be happier. I am liking it quite a bit. It’s very atmospheric. I need ‘atmospheric’ since it’s supposed to be 108 here this weekend and it just does not feel like fall.

I want to also start this one:

The Book of Strange New Things

It’s a chunkster though and I want to be sure I am done with it in time for my Revival read along. Yes! Another Stephen King read along! That will be announced later this month.

What are you all reading?

Wait , what was I doing again?

So far, this has not been a productive week for me. The Saturday track meets are fun but they take up my “to-do” day. I usually spend Saturdays cleaning and or shopping but none of that happens on track meet day so then it gets shoved into the open spaces during the week.

I end up with strange lunch combinations since the pantry is in need of supplies.

My family ends up with mismatched clothes because I am unable to do ALL of the laundry and end up doing only half at a time. Which means that the perfect outfit is ruined (ask my daughter) because I did not wash said pants and top together at once.

The Otter Pup does not have her favorite treats and therefore, barfed on my pillow.

With no Saturday to do stuff and my evenings filled with other activities, I have no time to get my own stuff in order. As of last week I was doing okay on the reading front but this one book put a halt to my reading. Not because it’s bad. I was enjoying it but the pace slowed down and now I have completely lost interest in it. It’s horrible when this happens because it’s ruined me for other books.

When I do have time to do anything, I sit down and completely forget what it was I had planned to do.

Two more track events for The Girl, and two weeks of pre-show prep for The Teen’s high school play and then hopefully things will slow down a little. But, did I tell you that The Girl signed up to do GREASE this summer?

Anyway, I just wanted to pop in so you didn’t think I fell off the planet.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Sheldon Card

How are you celebrating Valentine’s Day? I remembered last week that it was coming up and then promptly forgot about it. In fact, I booked a doctor’s appointment for today and a tax appointment for tomorrow. How romantic! Honestly though, I am just hoping to cook a nice meal and enjoy some down time this weekend. We did nothing but eat out last week and my body is begging for  a home cooked meal, even if I do have to make it myself. No, seriously, I do not mind.

The photo above is not the card The Hub gave to me but if you watch The Big Bang Theory, you will get the humor. My idea of fun at the moment would be a Big Bang marathon, some yummy food and my fave spot on the couch. Yes, I have a fave spot too. Just like Sheldon.

Today, my kids are off from school but The Teen is all over town doing singing telegrams for choir so The Girl went to work with The Hub. I will be enjoying a Valentine buffet lunch with co-workers at the University Club and then I will be leaving early for that doctor’s appointment. Tonight, no plans really. The Teen will still be singing and the rest of us will probably grab a burger and come straight home which is perfectly fine by me. I am just so, so tired.

I hope you have a wonderful day!

Friday Stuff

Coffee and a Book

It’s Friday!! Thank goodness. The week felt so long to me. Mostly because The Girl came down with a cold. She was sneezy and grumpy and totally out of it and that tends to throw me off my game. But, she’s better now and back to her perky self.

Do any of you read before work? I get to work super early to avoid traffic snarls so I have the luxury of getting a little reading in before I start my day. Typically, I’m walking during this time and the book in question is an audio book but my walking has been non-existent since the break so right now, it’s me sitting in my windowless office with a book and a cup of coffee. It’s kinda like a little reading cave. You’ve got to use your imagination when you never see the light of day.

At some point today, I need to think of some books to pitch for the big book selection meeting on Saturday. The book club that I’m in picks books for the year which tends to work out really well for most of us. But, it’s a big deal. We each get to pitch a book and then vote on it. I really have no idea what to pitch. I came across Never Fall Down by Patricia McCormick which looks like it would be a good discussion book, but I’m not sure. Has anyone read it?

Never Fall Down
The rest of the weekend will be spent looking up recipes for the Super Bowl. For the past. I don’t know, five years, we have not been able to go to a Super Bowl party because the kids were always in a production that weekend. This year, production week begins the following week so we actually get to enjoy the Super Bowl like normal people! I can’t tell you how excited I am about this. So, I plan to make something really killer to take to the party. Did I just say KILLER?

Happy Friday! Hope you all have a good weekend.

Looks Like I Made It

That reminds me a little of the Barry Manilow song, but guess what guys? I made it through the week. Wednesday was rough. It sure doesn’t take long to feel exhausted. But we switched up some stuff around the house to make our mornings a little easier, and so far, it’s going pretty well.

The topic of the week has been our weather. The dryness is a bit ridiculous now and I fear that water rationing is around the corner. Which makes no sense because if our yards die and turn to dead brush, they’ll go up in flames and then the fire department will use a ton of water anyway so why not just cut back? The talk is that we won’t be allowed to do ANY outdoor watering. That’s just not possible in dry California.

Also, today is the 20th anniversary of the Northridge quake which screwed me up in many ways. I lived at the epicenter and we lost everything. We were renting, but we lost most of our stuff since we couldn’t get stuff out before it was red tagged. I lost my place of employment which was also red tagged. It was rough. I had also just finished my B.A. at CSUN and yet, my records were not easy to access and confirm. I had also just applied for a job there. It was an interesting time.

This was the parking lot that I used to park in. Since the quake hit during a holiday, I was not there! That parking lot was the first multi-level parking structure for the campus and as you can see, it was a goner.

CSUN Quake Damage

And this is a picture of the building I work in now, but right after the quake. It took a long time for the campus to rebuild. People worked in portable domes for many years afterward.

Oviatt Library Quake Damage

I should note, that there have been four small earthquakes this week. As soon as I get home, I am just going to put some things together (just in case). Before the Northridge quake, I remember there being a series of small quakes and it’s making me a little nervous. It’s hard to keep an earthquake kit up to date. Things expire, even fabric becomes brittle and after rotating stuff out a few times, I felt it was very expensive to keep it up. So now, when I notice a pattern, I try to put stuff together.

And just so we don’t end this on a bad note, this is the library today. I work underneath all that concrete at the very bottom. No windows for me but the “garden” level held up pretty well and seems like the most stable place to be. I like to think that anyway.

Oviatt Library

I can’t believe it’s been twenty years.

What Day Is It?

At this time of the year, it’s so easy for the days to slip past me. The day-to-day routine of getting up at the crack of dawn, working,  shuttling children back and forth, and then trying to cook a meal or get anything done around the house, means that my days blend into one another. Monday? Tuesday? Oh yes, it’s Thursday. Could have fooled me.

Over Thanksgiving I read a stimulating book, Sputnik Sweetheart by Haruki Murakami, and it made me feel somewhat normal again. Human, if you will. But the feeling was short-lived because I am feeling all spongy again. AND, I have yet to write the review of that book and three others I’ve read because of this “spongy” state I am in. I sit myself down in front of the computer, lift my coffee cup to my eager mouth and then… nothing. Nothing comes to mind. Instead, I stare at my Christmas light decked bulletin board. Oh, the lights are so pretty.

Pardon the horrible photo. I took it with my crappy phone but you get the idea.

My bulletin board at work

I love how it includes bookish stuff, family pics and duck and cover earthquake instructions all on the same board. This is what I stare at all day. Ahem, when I am not hard at work, of course.

Tonight I am making coconut macaroons for a Christmas party I am attending tomorrow night,  and I am feeling the need to make some Thai curry for dinner. Sometimes chicken and rice is just so comforting. Maybe, maybe I can squeeze a movie in or at least watch Rudolph and A Charlie Brown Christmas.

This is the weekend before finals for The Teen, so I suspect that we will be hanging around for the most part. I still have some shopping to do but I will be damned if I try to do it on the weekend again. At least, not during the daylight hours.

And what’s with all of those free shipping deals over Black Friday? Still waiting for my stuff to arrive and it’s making me nervous since the stuff hasn’t even shipped yet and I’ve already been told by one vendor that the stuff is no longer in stock. Don’t offer free shipping if it’s going to arrive on the back of a monkey or something.

Friday Check-In: Lots of Random Itty Bitty Bits

Hello. How are you?

A book blogger’s life revolves around what is being read, what has just been read and what he/she plans to review next. Oh, and I can’t forget the funnest part of it all, the whole “what to read next” conversation that seems to take place in my head nearly every minute of the day. All it takes is a little bit of life getting in the way and all of a sudden you find yourself scrambling to catch-up.

That is the story of my life these days.

With school starting this week, the reading hasn’t really happened and I have five reviews to write-up so this weekend will be spent catching up.

Random thoughts from the week as there are many swirling around in my mind at the moment:

  • A situation at work did not turn out as planned and one thing that was said to me, keeps replaying itself in my head over and over again. In the end, it just doesn’t matter but it’s hard to move on.
  • A shoe ban at my daughter’s school seems like a pointless thing to worry about, but anything that affects the daily dress routine is like throwing a stick into my bicycle wheel.  No slip-ons unless they have a rubber vamp (which makes no sense).
  • It would be easier for everyone if we didn’t have to eat. I am really hating the cooking after work routine. It’s a chore for me right now and I just don’t want to do it.
  • The Otter Pup is having to adapt to being home alone, now that The Teen has started school again. I worry about her. She’s such a sweet pup. That means extra time with her when we get home, which also makes the “no cooking” thing even more plausible. Ha.
  • We may have to look for a new gardener. We have had the same guy for years but the lawn looks like like someone parked an RV on it and left it there for, oh… 3 weeks or so. There is some weird fungus and mushrooms are everywhere. It’s not good and we pay a lot for the service.
  • I was told by The Teen that his choir trip is mandatory. They are going to Vancouver over Spring Break. As he was telling me this, all I saw was $$$. Oh, and he needs a passport card. They have such things?
  • Vans or Converse? I want some black tennies.

And this item, which gets its own paragraph, what to read next? I recently read two books that have gotten a lot of hype and praise. Both started off strong and then petered out. I definitely don’t want to read another one like that.

After reviewing my to-read list, I think I will go with these. I want something that will pull me in quickly. Click on the covers for more info:

The Asylum

Instructions for a Heat Wave

After Her

Have you read any of these? I love Maynard’s writing so I am really looking forward to After Her.


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