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It’s Friday, and I Am So Glad To See You

Hello Friday

Long week? Long week. I don’t know what is going on in Southern California but it’s been in the seventies most of the week and although everyone keeps talking about El Niño, I keep wondering when the heck it’s going to hit. It’s hard to be chained to your desk when it’s so pretty outside. And in case you’ve forgotten, I’ve no windows in this office so when I leave the building I am sucking down air like nobody’s business.

It’s Friday and we are in production week for Peter Pan. The dress rehearsal was good last night and shows begin today.  I get to see the show tomorrow afternoon and I am looking forward to it.

I am so very excited about the Super Bowl and have started to think about what I’ll make. We’ve been invited over to my in-law’s house and because the middle-school ministry won’t be meeting that day, I can go! I saw this recipe for Brats and it looks so good.  It’s a Facebook video link so if it doesn’t work let me know.

This is the time of year where spring just kind of happens. No rain, warm temps and my mind starts thinking about spring and all that comes with it; drama competitions, choir concerts, 7th grade field trips, Little Shop of Horrors all of the graduation festivities and of course, in late May, graduation itself.

Oh! And the books!! So many lovely titles out there right now. I’ve never been so excited about books but this year’s selection is crazy good. I didn’t get approved for Peter Geye’s new one although  I just wrote an appeal to that. I can’t seem to get a review copy of The City of Mirrors either,  which is Justin Cronin’s new one but I did get approved for The Fireman by Joe Hill!

The Fireman

Our book club made our selections for the year too and it’s a really awesome list.

That’s it for me. I am back in the theater tonight. What about you? Where will you be tonight?

Friday? Really?

Friday What Not

I’ve checked the calendar twice today to make sure that it is, indeed, Friday and I believe it is. This week has been a little crazy and now The Girl is texting me from school telling me she is about to toss her cookies. She has Winter Formal tonight so I told her to eat some crackers and I am hoping for the best.

Plus, I have my leader Christmas party tonight AND it’s opening night for The Cat’s Meow, another show The Teen and his theater group are doing. We are seeing the show tomorrow but there seems to be a lot going on today and I am just dumping it out here to get it out of my head.

You ever have days like this? I often feel that the real estate inside my head is full and occupied and that there’s no room at the inn.

If I don’t laugh I’ll go crazy so I’d like to highlight some funny things that happened recently:

  • I was talking to The Hub about how I need to find an Ugly Christmas sweater for two events this month and this is what he says, “Why don’t you just choose one from your closet?” Um, I don’t own any ugly Christmas sweaters.
  • The Girl was being a real pill one evening but looking exceptionally stylish. She stood in front of the mirror, admiring her reflection and said, “Yep. I’m ready for Vo-Goo.” I calmly turned my head and asked her if she meant “Vogue” and of course, she realized at that moment that she’s been saying it wrong all along. I took a little pleasure in that.
  • I never listen to music while working. I can’t think when I do but for whatever reason I put the ear pods in one morning and sang a few versus of said song only to realize that I am now in cube city and that everyone could hear me. Singing “Get Ur Freak On” is an interesting song choice for anyone.
  • The other day I went out to the garage to put stuff away. Came in, watched some TV, did some other stuff too. Then The Hub went into the garage and found the Otter Pup out there.  Apparently she followed me out and I left her out there. She didn’t make a peep while she was out there but when he saw her there, in the dark, she came in, stopped at my feet, stared daggers at me and then ignored me for the rest of the night.  She threw me some serious shade.

That’s all I have for now. Have a wonderful Friday! What are you doing this weekend?