Okay dear readers, when you see the title of this post what is the first thing that comes to mind?

That’s right! The scene from Stephen King’s Misery where Annie Wilkes decides to keep Paul Sheldon around by hobbling him in the most horrific way possible.

But no, that is not what I am talking about today. No, I am talking about the glorious spill I took while talking to some lady and texting at the same time.

For The Hub’s birthday, we decided to tour the USS Iowa which is docked in San Pedro, Ca.

USS Iowa

Right after taking this pic, I stepped off a curb and managed to really do a number on myself. The Girl’s reenactment of it is really quite funny, but all in all, I was a mess! And then, I had to climb all over this ship. Lots of ladder type stairs and many decks. By the end of it, I was done.

Too bad really because the weekend was fabulous! The Girl (on the left) got a medal for long jump and The Teen’s performance in The Drowsy Chaperone was awesome!

Medal for Long Jump

The Drowsy Chaperone

Photo Credit: HWPhotoVideo.com

I took Monday off to recover but I am still hobbling around and in quite a bit of pain. You don’t think AGE is a factor do you?

I am just now catching up on Sunday Salon posts and even with the day off, I wasn’t able to do any reading. All I did was hang out in bed with a heat pack.

This week, we have NO activities!! The Girl starts rehearsals for Grease next week and I believe The Teen has his Spring Concert next week as well but this week is smooth sailing! I can’t believe it.

Anyway, hope you are all well. Did you do anything special for Cinco de Mayo? I insisted on making tacos even though I had to hobble around the kitchen to do it.


Oliver 2014

The Cast of Oliver

We survived! What a busy week. We are still trying to return to a normal routine and The Girl seems to be coming down with a tiny cold but with so little sleep and then going right into track season. she’s toughing it out. They don’t have school on Friday or Monday so I am hoping they can catch-up on lost sleep then.

Overall, the week went well. The shows were amazing and everyone was great. I had a lot of fun backstage but if I had to compare this show to others they’ve done. this one seemed to go a little smoother. It’s so hard to do these shows when they are in school but somehow we managed. I was perfectly fine all weekend but by Monday, when it was all said and done I felt like collapsing into a heap! I just cannot keep my eyes open. I can’t imagine how the kids feel.

The Girl and Teen - Oliver 2014

The lighting backstage is either pitch black or too darn bright and with them running all over crazy, I have to catch photos when I can. This one is out of focus AND overexposed but since they were never together on stage, I had to grab what I could. Oliver is a great show. Lots of good songs and dance numbers and it’s not everyday that your kid gets to play a murderer. The Girl was in a special dance group and The Teen played Bill Sykes, killer of prostitute Nancy.

I recorded the death scene but I don’t think I can post it due to royalty issues but every time he threw himself off that bridge my heart stopped just a little bit. This was a difficult part for him because he likes to be liked by everyone and when it came time to give autographs, no one wanted his because he was the killer!

Nancy, Bill (The Teen), Fagin and Dodger

Nancy, Bill (The Teen), Fagin and Dodger at intermission.

It’s a difficult week of eating in the car, doing make-up in public restrooms and trying to wrangle pony tails while going through the drive-thru. It’s crazy! We are all a little torn about not doing the next show, The Wizard of Oz. Rehearsals start at the end of this month but with everything the kids are doing, we’ve decided to sit this one out and return in the fall for Annie. The Teen can focus on his grades and this other show he is in, The Drowsy Chaperone and The Girl can focus on track.

Me? I get my Mondays and Wednesdays back. Sort of. I will be sitting at track practice but I can read or walk or stare at the sky if I want to.

I hope you are all well. I was not able to keep up with blog reading and probably won’t be able to catch-up until this weekend but I am thinking of you all.

The Sunday Salon: Homecoming Weekend (Recovery)

Sunday Salon

Today, I come to you with a crushing headache. It WAS a horrible sore throat after the game on Friday but that seems to have passed quietly away. However, I did manage to work the dance last night without any problems. It was busy and crazy but in a totally fun way. I like to help out when I can.

I got home by 11:45pm but The Teen, who is on tech for ASB had to stay to take down all of the equipment. Dances are not like they were back in the day. They are now these elaborate productions complete with lasers and, movies (yes, movies!) and a host of other technical elements. The set-up took over a day and a half and it took him until 2am to break it all down.

Who can sleep when your kid is out at that hour? Not me and definitely not The Hub so we forced ourselves to stay up until the director brought him home. We slept until nearly 10am today! I still feel tired though.

BTW, have you seen the way teens dance these days? Very interesting.

What’s up this week? Auditions for Oliver and The Girl is actually going for Oliver. Yep. If she gets it, she has to cut her hair (gulp). The Teen is trying out for Fagin and Bill Sikes. Auditions are this Tuesday and Wednesday and callbacks are next week. And of course callbacks conflict with the concert my son is in. Being this busy is a blessing in a lot of ways but it’s also a curse. I know I will miss it but man, it’s hard to wrap my brain around it sometimes.

What am I reading?

Last week I complained that Bellman and Black had no ghosts and now This House is Haunted almost seems to have too many. I am halfway through and it doesn’t quite feel genuine to me, but I am giving it the benefit of the doubt for now.

What am I cooking?

Not a thing. My head hurts so much right now that I am actually forced to put my book down. So, we are about to order Chinese take-out. Perhaps some spice will burn whatever the heck I have, right out of my head.

What am I watching?

Ugh. The Girl is watching Spongebob right now and the noise… ugh, the noise..,please make it stop! I feel like crawling into bed to watch some I Love Lucy. In fact, I may do that right after dinner.

Happy Birthday to The Boy!

Evan at 15
The Boy, as I affectionately call him, is fifteen today! The photo on the left was taken when he was about 18 months old. Seriously. He has always looked older than his years.

Today, the poor kid is going to a funeral for one of his student government buddies. Her father passed away and he wanted to pay his respects so we celebrated his birthday last night.

Anyway, Happy Birthday!! Soon, I am going to have to call him something other than The Boy.

Wednesday, already?

Lumiere - Beauty and the Beast

I know, I know. What a horrible shot. The lighting is not the best backstage and my phone takes horrible pictures but that’s The Boy practicing with his Lumiere hands/torches. Not in full costume yet, but the show is coming along and hopefully between now and the actual shows The Boy will grow some muscles because those torches are heavy. Wait, is it Wednesday already? Yes, I do believe it is and tonight is the first full dress rehearsal for Beauty and the Beast.

The costumes, the sets, the talent… it’s all amazing. I am having a hard time getting a shot of The Girl as she enters from stage left this time around and I am usually on stage right, but I will try to snap of photo of her tomorrow during her dress rehearsal.

Cogsworth and Lumiere

I am exhausted! These late nights and then having to get up so early to come to work is a total burn-out. It’s very tiring for the performers as well but they are young! They typically spring back and since school is out for this show, they can sleep-in for the most part.

We have a full run-thru tonight. Another one tomorrow and then the shows begin Friday morning with the summer field trip performance. I get to see the show (for real) Saturday afternoon. Come Sunday night I will be a useless noodle!

Reading? I haven’t done much since my time is not my own right now but I am deep into Breakfast of Champions and let me tell you, it’s a little bit offensive. I don’t think I have ever read Vonnegut before but he’s a little different. That’s all I’ll say for now. Have you read any of his books?

The Sunday Salon: Winding Down (not really!)

Sunday Salon

In one sense, it has begun to slow down a bit in our house.

The Girl's Award

The Girl’s award ceremony is over. She received THREE awards and one of them was for writing! That made me very happy. She has one more week of school and then she is out for the summer.

Festival of the Arts 2013

The Girl’s honors chorus performance  (Festival of the Arts 2013) is over and done! She did great! They sang three songs and only had five days of practice. Whew!

Cal Science Center - Endeavour

We went to the California Science Center and finally saw Endeavour in all its glory. It’s a little smaller than I imagined and the temporary hangar is not very deep so really good photos were difficult to get with just my point and shoot.


I was especially awed by this view. This part of it seemed massive to me.

Bike Boy

The Boy also got to ride this bike. This is an alarming three stories high and he insisted on tipping it back and forth.

This week was nuts but it’s over and done with. Next week, I have to attend a meeting for summer school and it’s the week before production week so there will be a lot of prepping for that. The week I dread is production week itself. It’s very, very hard to keep it all straight as the schedules are different nearly every day, but I really do look forward to seeing the kids in the show. I do. I also look forward to working back stage again. It’s just a long, long week.

What am I reading?

I am reading Big Brother by Lionel Shriver, Life Itself by Roger Ebert, and I feel the need to pick-up something else. Not sure what.

What am I cooking?

I will be making Chicken Curry tonight with rice. Simple and yummy. Good leftovers too.

What am I watching?

We watched a lot of movies yesterday, The Lorax (VERY colorful and a little sad), You’ve Got Mail (The Girl loved it), and The Andromeda Strain. We are planning to watch Overboard later (silly Goldie Hawn movie but fun). I REALLY want to watch Jaws but we don’t own it.

That’s my weekend! What are you up to?

The Sunday Salon: School’s Out! (almost)

Sunday Salon

I come to you a tad late today. I had to hit the market this morning (not my favorite thing to do) and after getting dinner in the Crock Pot and helping The Girl make Sweet Potato Chips (a recipe she saw on the Disney channel), starting a load of laundry and completing paperwork for The Boy’s Cross Country summer camp, I finally have a moment to myself. Sort of.

If you don’t count the numerous Otter Pup interruptions (she sits on my head while reading) or the numerous questions The Girl has about summer camp, then I guess I have a moment to myself. At this point, I’ll take what I can get!

The Boy finished school last Friday. He is now a 10th grader! The Girl won’t be out until June 13th and she’ll be a 5th grader! Amazing! She still seems so little to me. I am anxious for the school year to end as I have school papers coming out of my ears! I cannot wait to weed through them. Plus, the summer reading program starts in a couple of weeks and for once, The Girl is excited about it!

What have we been doing? Last night, we had the opportunity to see John Mauceri at the Valley Performing Arts Center, which happens to be at the campus where I work. The venue is really very nice and the concert was great. This time, the kids came with us and we all had a really good time. Except the very last performance where The Girl fell asleep. It was very late for her though so I expected that.

We were a little nervous about going because the Powerhouse fire seemed to have changed direction, but right now it’s burning away from us. Let’s hope it stays that way. It’s burned about 20,000 acres so far and isn’t expected to be fully contained until Friday! The air quality is just horrible right now. One thing that you have to get used to when living in Southern California are the brush fires. We haven’t seen rain in 6 months and it’s only going to get worse.

Powerhouse Fire - Daily News

Image Credit: Daily News

Okay, that’s all I have. I am cooking beef tips in the Crock Pot for dinner. We’ll have them with these smashed parmesan potatoes I saw on Pinterest. You bake ‘em, you smash them, butter them up and then top them with parmesan, and then pop them back in the oven a bit to crisp up. Sounds pretty good to me.

I am reading In the Garden of Stone by Susan Tekulve for a tour next week. I am also listening to Life Itself by Roger Ebert. I am enjoying both but deep, deep down…I am wanting something a little bit trashy. Not sure where that is coming from. Trying to shake myself of it and quick!

What’s up with you?


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