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Sunday Matters: Weekend Eats

Sunday Matters

We had a lovely 4th. The Teen invited his girlfriend over for dinner. We BBQ’d burgers, hot links, and hot dogs. I made this pasta salad and this potato salad and we grilled corn. The Girl whipped up a fruit dip for strawberries and we made these Frozen Coconut Limeades. It was all so good. Oh, and I can’t forget The Teen’s bacon wrapped smokies. He has to have bacon or the day is not a success.

Kale Caesar Pasta Salad
Photo Credit: Foodie Crush
Iowa Girl Eats Potato Salad
Photo Credit: Iowa Girl Eats
Frozen Coconut Limeades
Photo Credit: Smitten Kitchen

Right Now:

Eating a piece of avocado toast, washing it down with coffee and then we are off to church. I  might have some time to read a chapter of Atlas Shrugged before we go. In order to stay on track with the #AtlasRAL, I have to grab a chapter whenever I can because the book is over 1200 pages long!

This Week:

The Teen takes his driver’s test this week. We could have a new licensed driver in the house by Tuesday.

On Thursday, I have a hair appointment and that is it!! Easy week, even though I think work will be picking up here soon in preparation of the Fall semester.


I am about five chapter into Atlas Shrugged and I must say, the reading is much easier than I thought it would be. It’s still early but right now, it’s an easy book to reach for.

I overbooked myself as far as ARCs (review copies) for the month so I will be doing some quick reading of several books over the next few weeks. At least, that is the plan.


After taking a little break from Mad Men, my normal viewing spot was booked, I managed to watch two episodes of Season 6 and I am right back into it.

I recorded that new show on AMC called Humans. I guess it’s about robots living with humans as nannies and the like. I haven’t watched the first episode yet but it looks good and will maybe tide me over until Fear the Walking Dead starts.


As you saw above, I had fun making those salads and whipping up those tropical drinks but I’m sure the rest of the week will be spent eating leftovers because I made way too much.

Grateful for:

I love having an extra day to relax. Definitely grateful for having Friday off. Also grateful to spend time with family. No volunteering tonight as the Middle School ministry is on summer break. It’s nice to not be running around.

Your turn! What do you have planned for today? What yummy stuff did you cook for the 4th?

Grab Your Book! Long Weekend Ahead!

Grab Your BookI get excited about long weekends even when I know there won’t be much time to read. Like this weekend, we will be out and about and yet, I still feel the need to toss books into a bag and go.

This weekend though, I find myself completely consumed with A Little Life.

A Little Life

It’s exactly the kind of book I like. Deeply flawed main character and heartbreaking passages aside, this book comes to me at the right time and it just fits. I just love when that happens. So this weekend, I am devoting what little reading time I may have, to this one book. Unheard of for me!

What about you? What’s in your bag this weekend?