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Grab Your Book! Long Weekend Ahead!

Grab Your BookI get excited about long weekends even when I know there won’t be much time to read. Like this weekend, we will be out and about and yet, I still feel the need to toss books into a bag and go.

This weekend though, I find myself completely consumed with A Little Life.

A Little Life

It’s exactly the kind of book I like. Deeply flawed main character and heartbreaking passages aside, this book comes to me at the right time and it just fits. I just love when that happens. So this weekend, I am devoting what little reading time I may have, to this one book. Unheard of for me!

What about you? What’s in your bag this weekend?

Sunday Matters: Vacation!

Sunday Matters

After fifteen hours at Disneyland yesterday, I can honestly say that my vacation has begun. Boy, it was a fun day but man I am wiped out! When we got there, we were told that we were the “guests of the day” which translated to free, reserved parking and an escort to a special parking spot. That has never happened to us in all my years of going there.

Disneyland 2014

We never go on a weekend, but with The Hub’s company struggling, he was unable to take a work day off, so we just agreed to make the best of what we expected to be a horribly busy day. But you know what? We got there when they opened and got on all of the big rides with little to no wait time. By 2pm, the park was standing room only but by then we were ready for a break so we did a little shopping. It was a great day and it all worked out.

My 40-something body cannot take 15 hours of walking back and forth, though. I am literally hobbled this morning. I’m sure I am quite the sight.

Right Now:

I just had some toast and coffee. The Girl is going to see The Nutcracker with grandma and then later today, we are going to see our church’s Christmas show with friends.

This Week:

Christmas Eve will be spent with the in-laws and Christmas Day dinner will be reservations at a nice restaurant. Other than that, some wrapping and lots of movie watching. My eyes are still giving me a hard time so reading is a little spotty but I am going to try to get some in.


I need to finish two more books before the end of the year, only because I am halfway through with them and just want to start the year off with fresh reads. Still reading The Rosie Effect. Sorry to say that it’s just not working for me.


We watched Christmas with The Kranks and I hope to watch Deck the Halls and Christmas Vacation this week. Gotta work It’s a Wonderful Life into the line-up as well as The Christmas Story.


Not a thing. Although I will have to make something with the kids home this week. Yes. They are officially off for winter break.

Grateful for:

I am so grateful that our day at Disneyland wasn’t a bust. I really worried about the crowds. My kids, myself and The Hub do not do well with crowds but the day was fine and I worried for nothing. The only must-do ride we did not get on was Peter Pan. The wait for that ride was 2+ hours all day long. Crazy!

Happy Thought For the Week:

No work until January 7th. Hopefully, no drama. Lots of down-time.