Cannot Wait for Wind / Pinball!

Wind / Pinball

I am so excited! These two novels (Hear the Wind Sing & Pinball, 1973) have finally been translated in English and will be coming out on August 4th in one volume. As part of the Trilogy of the Rat which includes A Wild Sheep Chase & unofficially Dance, Dance, Dance (both I’ve already read), this volume will complete the collection. Look at that cover!

Why is it a trilogy when there are actually four novels? Dance, Dance, Dance was written as a sequel, but it’s actually not a part of the trilogy.

Blurb courtesy of the Book Depository:

The debut short novels–nearly thirty years out of print– by the internationally acclaimed writer, newly retranslated and in one English-language volume for the first time, with a new introduction by the author. These first major works of fiction by Haruki Murakami center on two young men–an unnamed narrator and his friend and former roommate, the Rat. Powerful, at times surreal, stories of loneliness, obsession, and eroticism, these novellas bear all the hallmarks of Murakami’s later books, giving us a fascinating insight into a great writer’s beginnings, and are remarkable works of fiction in their own right. Here too is an exclusive essay by Murakami in which he explores and explains his decision to become a writer. Prequels to the much-beloved classics “A Wild Sheep Chase “and “Dance Dance Dance, ” these early works are essential reading for Murakami completists and contemporary fiction lovers alike.

He’s so famous now, that they don’t even need to include the full title on the cover! I am so freakin’ excited! Is it August yet?

Friday Check-In: Lots of Random Itty Bitty Bits

Hello. How are you?

A book blogger’s life revolves around what is being read, what has just been read and what he/she plans to review next. Oh, and I can’t forget the funnest part of it all, the whole “what to read next” conversation that seems to take place in my head nearly every minute of the day. All it takes is a little bit of life getting in the way and all of a sudden you find yourself scrambling to catch-up.

That is the story of my life these days.

With school starting this week, the reading hasn’t really happened and I have five reviews to write-up so this weekend will be spent catching up.

Random thoughts from the week as there are many swirling around in my mind at the moment:

  • A situation at work did not turn out as planned and one thing that was said to me, keeps replaying itself in my head over and over again. In the end, it just doesn’t matter but it’s hard to move on.
  • A shoe ban at my daughter’s school seems like a pointless thing to worry about, but anything that affects the daily dress routine is like throwing a stick into my bicycle wheel.  No slip-ons unless they have a rubber vamp (which makes no sense).
  • It would be easier for everyone if we didn’t have to eat. I am really hating the cooking after work routine. It’s a chore for me right now and I just don’t want to do it.
  • The Otter Pup is having to adapt to being home alone, now that The Teen has started school again. I worry about her. She’s such a sweet pup. That means extra time with her when we get home, which also makes the “no cooking” thing even more plausible. Ha.
  • We may have to look for a new gardener. We have had the same guy for years but the lawn looks like like someone parked an RV on it and left it there for, oh… 3 weeks or so. There is some weird fungus and mushrooms are everywhere. It’s not good and we pay a lot for the service.
  • I was told by The Teen that his choir trip is mandatory. They are going to Vancouver over Spring Break. As he was telling me this, all I saw was $$$. Oh, and he needs a passport card. They have such things?
  • Vans or Converse? I want some black tennies.

And this item, which gets its own paragraph, what to read next? I recently read two books that have gotten a lot of hype and praise. Both started off strong and then petered out. I definitely don’t want to read another one like that.

After reviewing my to-read list, I think I will go with these. I want something that will pull me in quickly. Click on the covers for more info:

The Asylum

Instructions for a Heat Wave

After Her

Have you read any of these? I love Maynard’s writing so I am really looking forward to After Her.

TODAY I am over at Book Bloggers International!

Book Bloggers International

I so rarely participate in this stuff. Mostly because I never have the time or I don’t know who the bloggers are, but these gals, I know!

Stop by if you can!

The Sunday Salon: Happy Mother’s Day

Sunday Salon

We went to Ojai today! We had a delicious lunch and I got to browse my favorite OUTDOOR bookstore. It’s mostly outdoors with a few inside rooms. It was an old house before it was a bookstore, so imagine little nooks and reading spots everywhere. It’s awesome.

Everything started with The Girl giving me a beautiful Mother’s Day bookmark. The Boy gave me flowers! It is a blistering 100 degrees today! I look withered in the one pic. Nothing I could do about it! It was just too darn hot.

Mother's Day Bookmark

Bart's Books
The Girl at Bart's
Ti at Bart's
The Hub at Bart's
Murakami Shelf
The Boy was there too but he wandered off somewhere. I walked out with a copy of Sputnik Sweetheart  by Murakami. Are you surprised? Oh, and this is the one day where I can browse a bookstore and The Hub will actually join me.

It was a great day but the heat was unbearable so we cut it short and headed home. Now we are just lounging around.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! Hope you had a lovely day!

Books I Want to Read



Oh, how I love them. I know some readers steer clear of lists because they are constant reminders of what is not getting read, but I feel quite the opposite about them. For me, they are essential to what I affectionately call organized chaos.

Thankfully, I have Goodreads to keep me in check. Here is a snapshot of the books that I recently added to my To-Be-Read shelf. Some are newish, one is not out yet and the rest are oldies that were mentioned by bloggers and readers like you. The image is small, but I’ve included links below it.

TBR July 2012

From left to right:

The Unfinished Work of Elizabeth D. by Nichole Bernier
The Silent Land by Graham Joyce
Tigers in Red Weather by Liza Klaussmann
Sweet Tooth by Ian McEwan
The Disenchantments by Nina LaCour
The Girls by No Return by Erin Saldin

Birdseye: The Adventures of a Curious Man by Mark Kurlansky
After the Apocalypse: Stories by Maureen F. McHugh
The Salt God’s Daughter by Ilie Ruby
The New York Trilogy by Paul Auster
The Bellwether Revivals by Benjamin Wood
The Thief of Always by Clive Barker

I have nearly 300 titles on this particular shelf, but these just happen to be the ones most recently added. I could literally spend HOURS combing through reviews, recommendations and the like to build this list but what I love about it, is that it’s all virtual. I don’t actually buy anything until the mood strikes me but I add, delete and rearrange to my heart’s content. Plus, I have the App for my phone so when I am cruising the bookstore, I always have my list handy.

No, I did not get paid by Goodreads to say any of this. It’s just what I use to keep things somewhat tidy and I love it to pieces! I also use Library Thing but GR’s is what I use the most.

How do you keep track of what you want to read?

What books have you recently added to your wish list?

Disclosure: This post contains Indiebound affiliate links.

If Every Day Could Be Friday…

…I would be so darn happy. Yes, it’s a work day, but the anticipation of the weekend makes the day tolerable and might I add, somewhat enjoyable. I nearly always have a social lunch with my co-workers, which often includes gossip (if there is any to be had), and great food and laughter. Today, we have yet to decide on a restaurant but whatever we choose will be perfect.

Tomorrow, The Girl has volleyball and then we may tackle the floors that we’ve been working on. Some sanding was accomplished last week, but more sanding has to take place before we can apply the concrete stain and as you know, sanding is messy, messy work! It gets everywhere!! Just an hour of it last weekend left everything covered in a fine dust, including the Otter Pup! She was a dusty little thing.

Sunday, we are taking The Hub out for a birthday brunch. We like to go here. It backs to the airport and the kids and Hub, love to watch the planes take off. Of course, the food is good too and they cater to kids so the buffet has all sorts of yummy stuff (crab, roast beef, eggs benedict) but it also has corn dogs, tater tots and other kid stuff. Oh, and the dessert table is fabulous! Buffets are a challenge for me as there is hidden gluten in everything so I will be armed with Benadryl and my inhaler!

The Avengers

After brunch, we are seeing The Avengers! I reserved our seats so we don’t have to deal with long lines. Should be fun. We hardly ever see movies in the theater anymore because I hate the crowds. I will suck it up for The Hub’s birthday though and it will be nice to see a movie before it comes out on DVD.

What am I reading? As usual, a ton of stuff. The book I am most excited about right now, that I actually have in my hands, is The Age of Miracles. I am going to start it this weekend. I wanted to start it right when I got it but the conditions weren’t right. You know how that works. Laundry was staring at me and homework needed to be done. I can’t read when that stuff is looming over me like a dark cloud. I am almost done with Swamplandia! Hmmm, I hope that it ends on a high note because right now, it’s dragging. I’ve got some other books going between Net Galley and Edelweiss. I need an app to remind me of the publication dates of these books. Sometimes I jump into a galley only to realize that it doesn’t come out for 3-4 months, which means that I can’t review it for awhile. I hate when I do that. I mean, I can write it up, but I hate to schedule posts so far in advance.

One more thing… The Boy interviewed for, and made… ASB (associated student body) for high school!! I am not ready for him to be in high school but I hope to adjust soon.

Okay, enough from me. Happy Friday!

2012 Tournament of Books

2012 Tournament of Books

The list for the 2012 Tournament of Books was just announced on Facebook, although as I type this, I see that their web page has not been updated as of yet.

Anyway, take a look at this list! These books will be dueling it out for the win. I am reading four of them now (good timing on my part) and the rest of them, with the exception of a few, were already on my “want” list.

The 16 Books That Will Compete in the Eighth Annual Battle Royale

To see the full announcement, including the names of the judges, check out this post.

Which ones do you plan to read?

*Books I’ve read or that I am reading now.


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