The Sunday Salon: Rain! Finally!


Photo Credit: LA Times

For once, the big storm that was predicted to hit over the weekend, actually hit and I can’t even begin to tell you how much we needed it. It started on Friday, and even though there was mention of a tornado or two, my area did not see any of that. There was some crazy weather though. Check out this video from Santa Barbara.

Even though it was coming down good, we all loved it! I made Chicken Tortilla soup and we just hung around. I have yet to get any reading done. Between the coming and going of The Teen and the play date that The Girl had last-minute at our house, I could not get any reading done, but there is something very relaxing about a rainy weekend spent indoors. The Otter Pup won’t agree. She was pretty scared on Friday. She won’t have to worry this week though because it’s predicted to be 80 degrees by Wednesday.

This morning, we are all off to church. The Teen, to his church and the rest to ours. Don’t ask.

This week? More of the same. Track practice four times this week, depending on the condition of the track, which was under 4 inches of water the last time I saw it, book club, and work. Blah.

Sunday Salon

What am I reading?

I am trying to finish Beautiful Ruins. for book club We meet this Thursday to discuss the book but it is not working for me! I am also reading The Realm of Last Chances which is for an online club, also “meeting” this week and it’s good but it’s taking me awhile to read it. I started Dept. of Speculation and it has immediately grabbed my attention.

What am I cooking?

I made Chicken Tortilla soup yesterday and it was delicious. Today, I am making a big pot of chili, a huge tray of cornbread and we are grilling brats. It’s still gloomy out but so far, it has not rained today. It looks like it could though and I am hoping it does.

What am I watching?

The Girl and I will be watching all the Oscar red carpet shows and then The Hub and Teen will be joining us to watch the show later. I may have to switch over to The Walking Dead though because that is not a show to miss but we’ll see. Oh, and the Bates Motel starts again this Monday. I am so excited!

The Sunday Salon: Still Sunny, Still Busy

Sunday Salon

Why are the weekends so short? Last week was incredibly long. Not bad, just long. The track practices and the rushing around have gotten a little easier now that we have a routine down. But The Girl is going to bed a little later, which makes the mornings a little rougher so therefore, MY mornings are a little rougher.

So, I’ve been walking again. It’s a way for me to blow off a frantic morning but gosh, I am so out of shape! Long ago, the lupus did some damage to my hip so walking can be tough once I hit the two mile mark but I do it anyway because anything less than two miles doesn’t seem to do much for me. I’ve been enjoying some audio books while doing it so that always makes it more pleasant.

This week, I have an ultrasound scheduled, which is more precautionary than anything and then later, a biopsy. I don’t really think anything is wrong, but I could use some positive thoughts anyway. This has nothing to do with the hip issue I mentioned but I have a new doctor and she is erring on the side of caution. Plus, my other doctor has been concerned about the size of my red blood cells so this will also rule some other things out as well.

What am I reading?

I am reading The Realm of Last Chances for an online book club and I am also reading Eleanor & Park. E&P, swoon. It’s a little sappy with all that young love and all, but I love the characters.

What am I cooking?

Yesterday, I made chicken with goat cheese and a green bean salad with balsamic dressing and candied walnuts. It was delish. I really, really want some Chinese take-out tonight. Right now, I just finished some bacon and eggs, over easy please. A good, Sunday staple.

What am I watching?

Nothing now, but last night we watched The Breakfast Club and tonight The Walking Dead is on. I haven’t been too interested in the Olympics. I am not familiar with any of the athletes and is it me, or do some of the skating routines seem a little…cheesy?

It’s sunny here and I should be spending it outside, but last night I reorganized the kitchen and today, I feel the need to organize something else. We took a trip to IKEA yesterday and it gave me some ideas. As a family of four, we have done a lot in the way of cutting back, but we still have too much stuff. Especially after attending church. I really feel as if we have too much. It’s so easy to accumulate things.

What do you have planned for today?

The Sunday Salon: Sunny Reading Days

Sunday Salon

Did you all make it through Valentine’s Day? I know some people find it hard to make time for it, me included, but I got a nice surprise from The Hub. The Teen had been selling Singing Serenades to raise money for his choir group and unbeknownst to me, The Hub bought one for me.

After dinner, we grabbed some dessert and then he drove me to the park, which I thought was a little odd. He said that The Girl wanted to ride her scooter. Riiiight. That was a tip-off but I didn’t care. If you want to check out the serenade, click here. You’ll probably recognize The Teen down front. I was surprised and pleased as I secretly wanted them to come to my door. That link should work even if you do not have a Facebook account so if it doesn’t, please let me know.

Overall, the week was good. We settled into our new routine which included four days of track practice. The Girl did really well considering she was still so wiped out from last week. Today, she got to finally sleep in and they are off from school tomorrow so hopefully she can get a little more rest.

The Teen doesn’t really know what to do with his free evenings but he really needs to fill them with studying. I can’t seem to stress that enough but he is a TEEN and what goes through one ear goes right out the other. I have pulled my hair out over it but he is trying. I feel he could put more into it though. Ah, it’s a constant battle.

What else is going on? Oh, our weather. Sunny, warm days. No sign of a chill anywhere. My star jasmine is blooming and everything smells wonderful. When it’s like this, all I want to do is kick off my shoes and read outside. These types of days are made for reading. Funny, I say that about rainy days too. I don’t know how you guys in other parts of the country deal with all of that white stuff. It’s pretty. I’ve been enjoying the pictures but living in it? Not for me.

What am I reading?


I am still reading Orfeo. I do like it quite a bit but I am reading it with two other books that don’t compliment it at all, so for now I’ve put it aside. The two other books? The Astronaut Wives Club and Among Animals, a short story collection. I must say, I am quite fascinated with the astronaut wives. They remind me a lot of the Stepford Wives from the classic movie of the same name.

What am I cooking?

I made linguine with white clam sauce last night. I was craving it but I had a terrible reaction right after eating it. There was no gluten anywhere so I really don’t know what happened but the response from my body was swift and fierce and sent me right to bed. I am still recovering today.

What am I watching?

We tried to watch This is the End last night but within ten minutes, we had to turn it off. The Girl was watching with us and it’s really not appropriate for her age range. Not good! So, we ended up watching Vacation again. I am looking forward to The Walking Dead tonight. Can’t wait, actually. We are also watching the Olympics here and there.

What do you have planned today?

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Sheldon Card

How are you celebrating Valentine’s Day? I remembered last week that it was coming up and then promptly forgot about it. In fact, I booked a doctor’s appointment for today and a tax appointment for tomorrow. How romantic! Honestly though, I am just hoping to cook a nice meal and enjoy some down time this weekend. We did nothing but eat out last week and my body is begging for  a home cooked meal, even if I do have to make it myself. No, seriously, I do not mind.

The photo above is not the card The Hub gave to me but if you watch The Big Bang Theory, you will get the humor. My idea of fun at the moment would be a Big Bang marathon, some yummy food and my fave spot on the couch. Yes, I have a fave spot too. Just like Sheldon.

Today, my kids are off from school but The Teen is all over town doing singing telegrams for choir so The Girl went to work with The Hub. I will be enjoying a Valentine buffet lunch with co-workers at the University Club and then I will be leaving early for that doctor’s appointment. Tonight, no plans really. The Teen will still be singing and the rest of us will probably grab a burger and come straight home which is perfectly fine by me. I am just so, so tired.

I hope you have a wonderful day!


Oliver 2014

The Cast of Oliver

We survived! What a busy week. We are still trying to return to a normal routine and The Girl seems to be coming down with a tiny cold but with so little sleep and then going right into track season. she’s toughing it out. They don’t have school on Friday or Monday so I am hoping they can catch-up on lost sleep then.

Overall, the week went well. The shows were amazing and everyone was great. I had a lot of fun backstage but if I had to compare this show to others they’ve done. this one seemed to go a little smoother. It’s so hard to do these shows when they are in school but somehow we managed. I was perfectly fine all weekend but by Monday, when it was all said and done I felt like collapsing into a heap! I just cannot keep my eyes open. I can’t imagine how the kids feel.

The Girl and Teen - Oliver 2014

The lighting backstage is either pitch black or too darn bright and with them running all over crazy, I have to catch photos when I can. This one is out of focus AND overexposed but since they were never together on stage, I had to grab what I could. Oliver is a great show. Lots of good songs and dance numbers and it’s not everyday that your kid gets to play a murderer. The Girl was in a special dance group and The Teen played Bill Sykes, killer of prostitute Nancy.

I recorded the death scene but I don’t think I can post it due to royalty issues but every time he threw himself off that bridge my heart stopped just a little bit. This was a difficult part for him because he likes to be liked by everyone and when it came time to give autographs, no one wanted his because he was the killer!

Nancy, Bill (The Teen), Fagin and Dodger

Nancy, Bill (The Teen), Fagin and Dodger at intermission.

It’s a difficult week of eating in the car, doing make-up in public restrooms and trying to wrangle pony tails while going through the drive-thru. It’s crazy! We are all a little torn about not doing the next show, The Wizard of Oz. Rehearsals start at the end of this month but with everything the kids are doing, we’ve decided to sit this one out and return in the fall for Annie. The Teen can focus on his grades and this other show he is in, The Drowsy Chaperone and The Girl can focus on track.

Me? I get my Mondays and Wednesdays back. Sort of. I will be sitting at track practice but I can read or walk or stare at the sky if I want to.

I hope you are all well. I was not able to keep up with blog reading and probably won’t be able to catch-up until this weekend but I am thinking of you all.


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