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Sunday Matters: It’s Showtime!

Sunday Matters

Production week for The Sound of Music is almost done. It’s been a full week of rehearsals and The Girl has one more show tonight and that’s that!

We got to see the show yesterday. It’s always fun to see it all come together. The Girl was a festival singer, one of ten girls singing. She really wants a lead in Peter Pan. We’ll see if she even gets in. The sign-up line begins at 4 am on Wednesday. Hello!

I will try to share pics from The Sound of Music later, but they banned cameras backstage so the pickin’s may be slim.

Right Now:

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there. Since we have the show going on, we plan to celebrate next weekend.  Today, we will hit church and then back to the stage we go.

This Week:

Did I mention that sign-ups for Peter Pan are at 4 am on Wednesday morning? Good Gawd! I will be totally dead at work but she really wants in.


I am going to finish A Little Life this week if it kills me. I’ve been savoring it but I really need to finish it up so I can move on to other books.

I am listening to Luckiest Girl Alive and although it started off a little bumpy, I am really into it now. This is the book that Reese Witherspoon just optioned so we’ll see if it becomes a movie soon.

Just started Nantucket by Nan Rossiter. It IS summer after all. Gotta get a summery read in before the Atlas Shrugged read along! We’ve got seven readers signed up so far. Will you join us?

Atlas Shrugged RAL


Not much this week. My secret hiding spot at work was in-use all week so I could not watch Mad Men at all. I did see a little bit of Orange is the New Black but it’s not pulling me in this season.


I made a really great chicken and pasta dish made entirely from leftovers. I had cooked-up chicken breasts a few days before and just sliced them up with fresh peas, garlic and olive oil, a spoonful of cream cheese for flavor, a dab of tomato paste, and then tossed with pasta and Parmesan cheese.

But, I haven’t made anything since! Production week, production week. No cooking goes on during this week.

Grateful for:

As much as I love seeing the show, I am so glad when production week is over. These days, I find myself getting all worked-up when my calendar is full so it’s nice to finally have it behind us. At least for a little while.  I am grateful that after tonight’s show, we are done until September!

What’s going on in your world this weekend?

Sunday Matters: All Sorts of Good Stuff

Sunday Matters

I have a high school senior and a 7th grader! Hard to believe. Walking into that school for the last time got me all choked up.


I made the decision to just take a break from blogging this week. The end of the year stuff can be overwhelming and since I had to stay home on Monday with the strangest virus ever, I decided, what the heck and just took a break.

Here’s one of the few pictures she allowed me to take.

6th Grade Promotion

Right Now:

I haven’t been sleeping all that great. I’ve had trouble shutting my brain down at night but it is wonderful to grab a few extra hours of sleep on a Sunday, isn’t it? I feel so refreshed when that happens.

This morning, a bit of coffee and something to eat and then we are off to church. I’ve had a thing for eggs over easy for three weeks now and today is no exception. What I REALLY want is a bagel, slathered with cream cheese, sliced avocado and a thick slice of tomato but my gluten-free self cries when I think of it so eggs over easy work too.

This Week:

It’s production week for The Sound of Music but with only one kid in the show, the call times are manageable. No running back and forth and only a few late nights.


I finished Misery for the #MiseryRAL. I think both of these buttons were created by Jenni. Correct me if I am wrong! But what fun we had! I won’t say much because some of you are still reading but it was a real party. No lie.


I took a break from A Little Life to finish Misery so I will get back to that one soon. I also started Luckiest Girl Alive on audio. The main character is so shallow but I am just now getting to the meat of the story.


I finished Mad Men, Season 5 and started Season 6. I am going to be sad when I hit the end of this series. It’s been my lunch time companion for several weeks now. I love Sally Draper. There’s something about her character. She’s rebellious and every time she’s in an episode I know Betty is going to lose it in some way.  I really love Joan too. Hmmm. Okay, Don as well even though he can be a total you know what.

I watched the return of Orange is the New Black. Is it just me or was it a little flat?

Last night, we actually went to the movies to see San Andreas. The Girl is terrified of earthquakes but she was at a slumber party so we took advantage of it and went. It was pretty good!


I made tacos this week. I also made spaghetti with bell peppers and ground turkey, pizza another night and yes, breakfast for dinner (for me). This gluten free stuff is for the birds sometimes.

Grateful for:

I took last Friday off for the promotion ceremony. It’s so nice to have the extra day. I am grateful that I was able to take it.

That’s it for me. What’s up with you?