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Sunday Matters: I Feel It

Sunday Matters

What exactly do I feel? I feel as if the school year is already upon me and I dread it. Without a vacation this summer and the lack of road trips in general, this was really a non-summer to me. I tried super hard to inject summery things into my days and weeks but none of it worked. I’ve been anxious and just a little too unsettled to relax.

The plus side? I’ve been a reading fool. It’s the one constant thing that brings me pleasure each and every day (besides family time) and this, I’ve been loving. After a long day of work, coming home to air conditioning and a good book has been wonderful. I am going to be very sorry when that time is filled with homework help and the running around that is my life.

This week, both kids register for school and they start classes on 8/13.  We started back to school shopping which always does me in, but we are not done yet and I just looked at the cost of the senior fun pack. Goodness! It’s going to be an exciting year. I just wish we could quietly ease into it. You know?

Right Now:

I am writing out bills (fun!), filling out school paperwork (even more fun!) and tossing back some coffee and a gluten-free bagel. Some of you have been suggesting gluten-free bagel brands for me to try but none of them are available where I am. So today, my bagel is just OK. Someday, I will find a good alternative. After breakfast, we are off to church.

This Week:

I’ve got book club on Thursday and I haven’t read the book yet!  I better get right on that.

Haven’t done a darn thing to The Girl’s room yet. How does one remove a border? We took it down but we can’t get the adhesive off and it’s holding up the entire process.


I should be reading my book club book (Everything I Never Told You). I’ve read maybe 15% so far.

Everything I Never Told You

Just finished Murakami’s Wind / Pinball. It started off a little weird. I was worried I wasn’t going to like it but I ended up loving it.

I am 82% done with Atlas Shrugged for the #AtlasRAL. This book surprised me in a totally good way.


Mad Men. I am halfway through the last season and now Netflix doesn’t have the last few episodes!!!! What happened to them?? They WERE there a few weeks ago. I am very angry about this.

I’ve been watching Humans too but very, very slowly. My kids think I look like the main gal. I don’t think so but they think so. Makes me want to stand in a dark hallway and pretend to be a robot.

Anita/Mia from Humans
Me, being silly.


I do try to cook a good Sunday meal because with church in the morning and then going back later to volunteer, it just feels good to come home and have something good. That takes planning though and although I had some recipes bookmarked (turkey burgers, for example) we’ll see if I actually have time to go to the store to get the stuff I need in order to make them!

Grateful for:

My reading time. It’s really the one thing this week that’s kept me from jumping out of my skin.

What are you all up to today? I missed two Sundays in a row because my MacBook would not boot but it seems to be working fine now.

Sunday Matters: Ideas & Stuff

Sunday Matters

This week went pretty well. The Teen is now a licensed driver. I finally got my new glasses adjusted correctly so that I can actually wear them, and I’ve been a reading fool.

We’ve also made progress on The Girl’s beach inspired bedroom. This is the photo we are using for inspiration:

Beach Bedroom

So far we’ve purchased those lights, a quilt set and sheets. She’s going with more of an aqua color. We picked up paint for her dresser and we have some wall hangings. Her walls will be an aqua color but the border that she had before is a real pain to remove! It’s taking a long time to get it all off.  I still need to make that head board but we know the plan so it’s all coming together.

I also love all the beachy stuff I keep finding on Pinterest:

No Wake Zone

Beach House Rules

She is going to love this room when it’s done and I am going to be so jealous!!

Right Now:

Just sitting here with my coffee and more avocado toast. About to head out to church and then back for volunteering later.

This Week:

Nothing big going on this week. No appointments or anything.  I will probably work on The Girl’s dresser and uh, maybe my closet. I know. Someday, I will get to my closet. It’s not unorganized but just full of stuff I no longer want to wear and as long as the stuff is there, I just keep wearing it.


I finished The Last Pilot by Benjamin Johncock. I’m working on the review now but I think a lot of people will be reading this book.  I am halfway through with Summerlong by Dean Bakopoulos. Also, very good. In addition to these, I am done with Part I of Atlas Shrugged for the #AtlasRAL. It’s quite the entertaining read. Big ideas. Interesting characters.  So far, I like it.

I had planned to start Nantucket by Nan Rossiter last week but I had too many reading deadlines and that’s one I want to savor, so I am carving out time for it later this week.


I had to watch Can’t Buy Me Love after hearing about Amanda Peterson’s passing. She was so young!

The Comic Con teaser for The Walking Dead is INSANE. If you haven’t seen it, click here and be sure to watch all the way till the end. I cannot wait for it to start in October but its spin-off series, Fear The Walking Dead begins in August. I will for sure be tuning in to see how they deal with a Los Angeles setting.


It wasn’t  a big cooking week and since I am volunteering later today, not sure I will have time to throw something together. We hit a Mexican restaurant last night for enchiladas and it was delish! Kind of feeling like a salad today. We’ll see how we all feel later.

Grateful for:

Bookish friends. I love to read books with you all! It’s so fun to chat about books with people who love books just as much as I do. Reading your emails, checking out your blogs and following you guys on the various social media platforms really gets me through the week. Thank you!