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Sunday Matters: Thanksgiving Prep

Sunday Matters

Since Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, I am normally pretty prepared for it by this time of the month but 2015 has been challenging for me in many ways and this month I am not ready. Yet.

I have the week off though and need to get my butt in gear in order to get it all purchased and prepped by Thursday. As you know, we stay at home, typically in jammies and do nothing but eat and watch movies all day long. But this year I have some other things to consider which is throwing me off my game a bit.

I just have to remind myself that it will all be okay.

Right Now:

I am pouring coffee into my body at an alarming rate. Then, we’ll head to church and then later I am doing a fun event with my small group which involves Target, purchasing a toy for a toy drive, a scavenger hunt and hot chocolate!

This Week:

I’m off Thanksgiving week and the Monday following Thanksgiving. Yay! I plan to get all of my food shopping done this Monday so that I can relax a little.

The Girl wants us to hit some Black Friday sales but I don’t know. I haven’t ventured out on Black Friday in many years. It may not happen.

However, we are in need of a little road trip so we may drive somewhere  for the day. I feel the ocean calling my name.


I am about 40% into Irving’s Avenue of Mysteries and it’s growing on me. It is a really strange story and took me forever to get into it. I mean, I almost gave up on it. But, I think it’s beginning to get pretty good.

Re-reading Kafka on the Shore and loving it (again).  Murakami’s writing is exactly what I need this time of year. It energizes me and gets me all geared up for more reading.


I watched an old Doris Day movie, The Tunnel of Love. It was pretty good but also very slow. I love the theme song which is actually sung by Day. Check it out if you want to be taken back in time.

I watched Serendipity again and realized that I want to buy myself a copy just to have it around. It’s a sweet Rom Com starring John Cusack. It’s a good Christmas movie, too.

Last week I saw Spectre. I love Daniel Craig and thought he did well with what he had, but the story was too long and drawn out. No real villain. It lacked in those areas but was still enjoyable. Or would have been had the guy behind me not been talking the entire time! This is why I do not go to the theater to see movies these days. He was a Bond enthusiast and talking about Bond and all but still.

I am going through my Christmas movies and lining them up for viewing! What’s your favorite Christmas movie? I have so many.

Just a few that I love:

The Family Stone

The Family Stone (love!)
Christmas Vacation (not Christmas without it)
Christmas with the Kranks (could be me in a year or two)
Home for the Holidays (Holly Hunter version)
Miracle on 34th Street (adore)
Love Actually (love, but wish my version did not have the nudity in it)
Elf (smiling is my favorite!)

I have way more. What are some of your faves?


I have no idea what I’ll make for the week besides the traditional Thanksgiving meal. Today? Not even sure about that.

Grateful for:

So grateful for this time off. Also grateful to be able to spend some extra time with the family.

The Girl took my laptop so I am posting this from my phone. Hope the formatting is okay.

Bookish Habits

Bookish Habits

We all have them, don’t we? We like to read a specific way with specific things around us and although I can read anywhere, and have been seen reading in some odd places (like the labor and delivery room), I tend to like things a certain way.

Here are a few of my bookish habits. Feel free to add yours in comments!

  1. I prefer to read while lying on my stomach.
  2. Couch reading requires a soft throw, even when it’s hot out.
  3. I. Cannot. Bend. A. Page.
  4. My Kindle font is so large people across the room can read the darn thing.
  5. My TBR (to be read) shelf is arranged in the order I plan to read.
  6. I have four library cards to different systems so I am never without the book I need. Well, rarely.
  7. The only time I eat and read is while at work.
  8. People think I read 24-7 but I only read about an hour a day.
  9. I can read the most gruesome horror and not bat an eye but child molestation, rape and sometimes terminal illness does me in every time.  I avoid these subjects.
  10. After accidentally wiping out my entire Kindle library, I never turn it off for fear of doing it again.
  11. I keep a Goodreads list, a Library Thing list and a Google Docs list of books I’ve read/reviewed. I think I am afraid of losing that data even though it’s published content on the blog.
  12. I do not need silence to read in but I prefer it.
  13. I prefer to tackle challenging books with other people.
  14. I prefer chunksters over shorter books.
  15. I do not own many books. I only keep books that are special to me. The rest are given away or donated.
  16. I can read on my Kindle with e-ink technology but I cannot read on a tablet without getting a splitting headache.
  17. If someone is reading a book in public, I go out of my way to see what they are reading. I’ve mastered the over-the-shoulder-glance.
  18. I like to re-read my favorite books from time to time.
  19. I’ve been known to transport my books around in a zip lock bag to keep them nice.  Put in bag, toss in purse.
  20. In the past, I’ve used tape flags in my books but I hardly ever go back to what I’ve highlighted so now I snap pics of passages to keep them handy.

Now it’s your turn. What bookish habit can you share with us?