BLAH, My Hand and other stuff…


This weekend I got to meet-up with some other book bloggers. I love meet-ups like this because I get to talk books for several hours non-stop. In the first photo above, you have Amy (My Friend Amy), Jill (Fizzy Thoughts), Other Jill (Rhapsody in Books) and yours truly. It was called BLAH which stands for Bloggers L.A. Happening and was the creation of Other Jill. Creative, huh?


In the second shot, you have the same players, minus Other Jill but including Florinda (3 R’s). Why couldn’t we get one pic with all of us? Because no one wanted to ask someone to take our picture. Anyway, we met for coffee at Barnes & Noble, did a little browsing and then headed over to The Cheesecake Factory for lunch. Of course afterward, there was more browsing but I didn’t buy a thing! I didn’t have to because Fizzy Jill brought me two books (Silver Sparrow and A Grown-Up Kind of Pretty) and then Other Jill brought me The Last Policeman and some tea, all the way from Ireland!  Thank you ladies!

Concrete Stain

Do you see that floor above? That is concrete stain and that was a little project I was working on courtesy of Pinterest. The staining went well, but when I peeled off that blue tape that you see in the lower right corner of the photo, the stain seeped into the wall which meant that on July 4th, I found myself sprawled out on the floor, painting that trim.

Let me just say that painting at that angle totally screwed me up. I pinched my ulnar nerve which controls the last three fingers on my right hand and they are totally dead. No feeling, no control whatsoever which means typing is ridiculously hard. I am using voice to text when I can, but this means a number of things:

*I am not able to comment on a lot of the blogs I read right now because I have to preserve my hand for work, which allows me no rest at the moment.

*My Facebook posts will be shorter and don’t be surprised if you only see “likes” from me for awhile.

*Reviews may include more typos than I usually have (LOL). I try to catch them and I do in fact see them, but when the thought of clicking and backspacing is enough to make you cry, you learn to live with the typos.

I’ve talked to doctors and chiropractors and right now they are telling me to let it rest and I am doing hand exercises to see if the nerve will release itself. So far, the exercises haven’t helped much. Maybe a little.

As for reading, I am reading The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry and loving it. I am also reading Nesbo’s The Redbreast.

What are you reading?

45 Responses

  1. How fun! I am glad you ladies were able to get together. I love get togethers like that too, especially when it involves book talk. :-)

    Your poor hand! All that hard work and you can’t even enjoy it right now, not completely. I hope you regain full function and the pain goes away soon. Take it easy and don’t worry about us!

  2. Sounds like you had a good time with the gals at least…and the floor looks great…even though that darn trim painting made your hand hurt and broken! I hope it starts to feel better soon.

  3. Oh me oh my…lots has been happening around you!

    I would have loved to have been there…

    I am reading Heather Gudenkauf’s newest book…and it’s good…really really good!

    One Breath Away…

  4. Oh no! So sorry you’re hurting, but your floors look gorgeous. If you’re anything like me, you push way too hard when you’re doing DIY projects.

    The BLAH meetup looks like great fun. :)

  5. Yikes! I hope your hand is better soon. BLAH looks like it was loads of fun!

  6. I LOVE that stained concrete look! I’m so gonna do that in my house when it’s time to re-do. Sorry about your hand though :( Let it rest!

  7. How fun! I wish there were other fun bloggers who lived near me! Hope you enjoy Silver Sparrow as much as I did too!

  8. BLAH looks like it was a great time, and your floor is just gorgeous… I sure hope your hand is better soon!

  9. So, so excited that you got a chance to meet and hang out with such a cool group of bloggers! I love it when we can get together and just talk books for hours and hours. Also, I am so sorry to hear that you injured your hand, and I will be sending healing ulnar rays towards that injured appendage in hopes of it returning to normal. Ulnar rays sound scary and damaging, but they are not. They are actually very soothing!

  10. BLAH sounds like a very good time…good company, books, coffee, good food…wonderful! and you got some nice books! I’m especially interested in Silver Sparrow.

    The floor looks fantastic! You did an amazing job. But I’m so sorry about your hand…nerve problems are a real nuisance. It sounds like rest and exercise are the best you can do. At least you can still read!

  11. So sorry about your hand. Hope it’s back to normal soon. Looks like you had a great time with those lovely ladies!

  12. I’m worried about your hand. Please promise you will go to the doctor! And I’m so envious of your blogger meet-up. What a great group of ladies! I sure hope that one day I get to meet you.

    • My hand felt better this morning but as soon as I started to type here at work, it all went to hell again. I just need time to rest it. As far as meet-ups, I do hope we get to meet someday. I know it would be a blast.

  13. Hope your hand feels better soon! I can’t wait to start Harold Fry – it sounds fabulous!

  14. The floor does look fab. And now looking at the picture again I think I look like my grandmother. I think I’ll be going undercover….

    • You are like me with pictures. I hate pictures of myself. They always look weird to me. It was nice seeing you though. Sorry I couldn’t spend more time visiting. My hand was a huge distraction and by the time I left, I was ready to hack it off with a machete. Hard to get out of that twisty parking lot with one hand though. Also, what did you end up paying for parking? I’m not sure my validation took. I had to pay $5.

      • Thanks for sharing the pic, looks like you gals have a lovely time. All smiles and sunshines. Aww Jill (of Rhapsody) why aren’t you smiling?! lol esp in the company of cheerful ladies! (recalled: Alexander McCall Smith’s no. 1 lady detective book title).

  15. Looks like you all had a great time but I am so sorry about your hand! I had not heard or Harold Fry before, will check it out!

    • Oh, Harold Fry is lovely. I am loving it. I believe it comes out later this month. Don’t let the cartoony cover fool you. It’s a gem.

  16. So sorry to hear about your hand! I had no idea you could cause so much damage just painting, even if it was at a ridiculous angle. Hope it heals soon. On a positive note, the floor looks great!

    • My painting hand is fine. the hand I used to prop myself up…not so much. Ii guess a hand upon concrete for 2 hrs is what did it.

  17. That’s so awesome you all were able to get together!

  18. It’s always – well, usually! – great meeting people you meet online. You’ve already got to know each other and you know you have plenty in common, glad you had a great time and sorry about the injury, that sounds nasty, get better soon!

    • So far…the book blogger meet-ups I’ve had have been lovely. I used to belong to a parenting group ages ago and those meet-ups were more, shall I say… interesting.

  19. This sounds like a great time for all; love the pictures. Sorry u r in pain right now — you never seem to catch a brake.

    • Yeah, I need a break. A personal assistant named Ivan with long, flowing hair who can type. That is who I need. LOL.

  20. You got to meet so many great bloggers! That’s awesome!

  21. What a super dooper BLAH day! BIG bummer on the numb dumb nerve. REST!!

  22. The BLAH get-together seems like a fun idea. I am a SoCal girl too, living now in a far away galaxy. :-) Better give your hand a rest. But I look forward to your thoughts on “Harold Fry” !

  23. I think we all paid $5 for the parking. I liked it over there–same concept but feels less crowded than The Grove. Good place for a standing semi-regular meetup, I think :-). Hope your hand’s starting to feel better!

  24. Hope your hand feels better soon.

    • Thanks! I appreciate it! I was told today that I have to wear a brace so we’ll see how it heals from there.

  25. Oh … you all look so happy and sunny and bookish — wish I could have been BLAH too. : )

    And I hope your hand heals soon. That sounds painful and annoying.

  26. I just finished THE UNLIKELY PILGRIMAGE OF HAROLD FRY last night. What a great little gem. Now I’m reading TIGERS IN RED WEATHER. It’s really good and there’s a mystery.

  27. That is such a pain about your hand. I hope that it gets better soon! The floor looks nice though, and the meet-up with the girls sounds like so much fun.

  28. It was a Very Good Day. :-D

  29. All-righty then, I’ll try to comment again. Me and the iPad aren’t getting along this morning. Lol. First of all sorry about your hand. It seems like its so easy now to end up hurting something and suffering for days. I hope it’s feeling better by now.

    How awesome that you got to meet up with the girls. I sure wish I lived close enough that I could do that.

    On a good note, the floor looks great!

    • Thanks, Dar. I know what a pain it is to retype a thought after it’s been lost out in internet land. My had is braced now…still numb but movement is coming back slowly. The brace,as uncomfortable as it is is helping.

  30. I am reading The Affair by Lee Childs. I love the character Jack Reacher.

    • I have a blogger friend who also enjoys the Reacher books. I’ve not read them myself. I heard that Tom Cruise plans to play him in the movie. Not a fan of Cruise but might try the books.

  31. That is terrible about your hand and I’m hoping that the nerve releases itself and SOON!!! I would love to meet up with Michigan bloggers, heck any bloggers would be great!!

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