Book Fair Fun and Moby is Stalking Me

Last night I worked the school’s book fair. I always have a fun time doing it and as you can see, my little “helper” had fun too. Fifty-five bucks later…

Anyway, after completing the Moby Dick Monday read-along, I’ve noticed Moby everywhere I look. The movie has been on a few times and I’ve seen several newish versions of the book that I haven’t seen before AND the names Ishmael and Ahab keep making their way into my daily conversation.

Last night I came across this version at the book fair:  

Yes, it’s geared towards the younger reader but the illustrations are wonderful:

Look at him. He’s staring at me. That’s the Ahab that I know and love. The one that haunts me. Um, yeah.

I’m thinking of taking on another classic. I haven’t decided which one yet. The list is long and my review pile beckons me but as soon as I’m caught-up, I’ll come up with a short list, and then a short-short list because half the fun of reading it figuring out what to read next.

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18 Responses

  1. So did you buy it?

  2. I miss book fairs and my kids being that age. I always spent at leat $50! Between the books for the three kids and I always bought a book for each teacher, it did get expensive. But so much fun!

  3. The illustrations look fantastic! Ahab is a little crazy looking though (I guess that’s appropriate). :)

  4. Wuthering Heights Wednesdays!

    • You mentioned that a bit ago. Are you going to have a read along for Wuthering? I have the book all ready and waiting. Just need the motivation to read it.

  5. I may have to hop on board with the next classic that you decide to read! Congrats on finishing Moby Dick!

  6. I love the illustration you showed. Also, I think dragging Moby out like we did sort of impressed it all the more in our minds!

  7. These books look like beauties. Don’t you just love to see excitement in the eyes of little ones over books :)

  8. Haha! That’s one scary Ahab! He looks like a ghost.

  9. I read a classic every year for my book club and one for me. I’m reading Anna Karenina this year (last year The Canterbury Tales).

    I haven’t read Moby Dick… in any form – I was so scared from pinnochio!

    Can’t wait to see what you read next :)

    • Haha! So many are traumatized from Pinnochio.

      There is a lot of whale talk in Moby but not a whole lot of Moby himself.

      I was reading Anna K myself but got sidetracked.

  10. I was at my youngests’ book fair today (I’m a worker bee there but run the middle school fair for my older crew). I amassed quite a pile of books to purchase when it officially opens next week. The big embarrassment of the day though was that since the theme was a pajama party, I had to walk out of school in front of the entire carpool line in fuzzy slippers and my jammies. At 2pm in the afternoon. Now that’s mortifying! And I get to do it once next week too.

    • That would be a tad embarrassing but it also sounds like a lot of fun :) Our book fair was out of everything that I wanted to pick-up for myself so I picked-up some stuff for the girl but the boy said he didn’t see anything.

  11. Don’t you wish you had read this version instead? : )

  12. LOL That happens to me sometimes. I’ll have just finished a book and I’ll see references to it or its characters everywhere. The illustrated children’s version of Moby Dick sounds more up my alley than the actual novel. ;-)

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