Sunday Salon: The Day After Edition

Sunday Salon

It’s the day after read-a-thon and here I am! It’s Sunday night already and I am just now getting to my Sunday Salon post. I had a really good time yesterday. I spent a total of 19.5 hours reading, although I didn’t post my last update. I was wide awake, but I got bored and I didn’t want to pick up another book so late in the game, so I did some blog hopping and then hit the sack. Thanks to all that stopped by. I really appreciate it. Those of you that made it through the entire 24 hours… I am in AWE of you! Thanks to everyone that worked so hard to organize the event. You did a great job!

Today was a lazy day. I browsed the bookstore and bought a copy of Moby Dick. I’ll have more to say about that in another post (possibly).

For dinner we made pancakes. I had to make pancakes because I watched Man vs. Food and Adam Richman was eating a whole lot of pancakes. He made me hungry! I am totally blaming him for my carb overload. Oh, and can I just say how good they were? They were goooooood.

Later this week I plan to post my review of The Girl Who Played with Fire. It reminded me of a movie. Can anyone guess which one? Think late 70’s.

I am also participating in a TLC book tour for The Return on Wednesday, 10/28. I really enjoyed that one.

Other than that, my week is open. I have a furlough day on Monday so I plan to do a bit more reading. I must finish In the Time of the Butterflies for book club which meets next week but during read-a-thon I forgot about Her Fearful Symmetry. I know!! I moved it and I forgot about it!! I was so looking forward to reading it so I may read some of that on Monday too.

What about The Last Song? Well, I read over half of it but it was so hard to keep going with it. Miley Cyrus is slated to play the lead in the movie version and frankly, I had her in my head when I read it and just could not get her OUT of my head. We watch a lot of Hannah Montana in this house and even saw her in person once, but the voice and eye-rolling would not leave my brain while I was reading.

Hope you all had a nice Sunday!

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15 Responses

  1. Moby Dick?!? Will look forward to that post! Well done on the Readathon! and pancakes sound so yummy!

  2. You read all day and then went out and bought Moby Dick. I am in awe of that!

  3. 19.5 hours, you did great! I only got to read for 6+ hours. My baby was overly demanding yesterday.

  4. You almost did the entire 24! That’s pretty awe-inspiring, I’d say!

  5. I was late getting my Sunday Salon post up today too and I don’t have the excuse that you do. :-) Congratulations on completing the read-a-thon, Ti!

    I hope you enjoy your reading day tomorrow. Those furlough days are a pain, but they do come in handy for sneaking in some extra reading time, don’t they? I spent a good part of my furlough day last week reading.

    Have a great week, Ti!

  6. hi, I saw your moving post ages ago, but always seem to forget changing the link. I have now :)

    Happy Sunday!!!

  7. You made it longer than I did on the readathon. I got sidetracked by company int he evening and after that only read until 1-ish. It was fun though! Pancakes, yum!

  8. I’m in awe of you for reading 19 1/2 hours! It sounds like you had a great weekend and it’s nice you have an extra day to recover!

  9. I’m looking forward to your review of The Return. I really liked it. My tour date is today.

  10. You did amazing! I didn’t get my Sunday Salon post done until Sunday night either. :)

  11. WOW…you did great ; I needed to sleep 11 hours …LOL

  12. Moby Dick? Now that’s a bigger challenge than staying up 24 hours!

  13. Congrats on your read-a-thon success! I hope to be participating next year.

    I’m very curious as to your Moby Dick purchase … I did the audio version earlier this year and although I’m glad I did, I can’t say that I enjoyed most of it. And I really thought I would. So I’ll be watching for more info on that front!

  14. Mmmmmmm …. pancakes!

  15. You did great during the read-a-thon! Congrats…ooo pancakes sound good

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