24-Hour Read-a-Thon: Update #6 (18 Hours In)


Here are my stats thus far:

Reading: Betsy-Tacy and Tib. I was reading In the Time of the Butterflies but I will pick that one up again tomorrow.

Pages Read Since Last Update: 23

Total Pages Read: 600

Books Completed: Cheerful Weather for the Wedding and The Return. I am more than halfway done with The Last Song but it just isn’t going to happen tonight. That book turned my brain to mush (for some many reasons) that I had to give it up.

Nibbly Foods Eaten: I had a handful of whole grain crackers and two bottles of water. I am SO over food now.

Random Tidbits: This was a slow reading period for me. My youngest one hit the sack at 8pm but my son wasn’t having it. He wanted to watch a movie so I watched some of it with him. Then he wanted to decorate some more so he had me take this pic (above). Needless to say, I could not concentrate on the book AND the movie so I sort of took a break. Everyone is in bed now. The house is quiet.

Ti’s Comfy Factor (5 being comfy): I am having a hard time staying awake now. The 11pm hour is a tough one for me. I have resorted to lying on the couch so I am comfy, but half asleep. I would put my comfy factor at 5.

Next Update: My next update should be at 2am (Pacific) if I don’t fall asleep.

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12 Responses

  1. We can do it Ti! Stay with me! Hope you’re having fun.

  2. We’re in the final quarter! You’ve done great so far-see it through to the end! You can do it!

  3. We’re almost there! Keep reading!

  4. The house looks beautiful! And you did great considering your distractions!!!

  5. You had a great read-a-thon! Getting that many pages read when you’ve got young children is fantastic! I love the Halloween decorations!

  6. I’m guessing you fell asleep?

    You did fantastic considering the kids were home! Woo-hoo!!

  7. 18 hours is awesome! I made it 16 and then the baby took over for a couple hours and I lost it. Well, 16 minus the party and off and on in the afternoon!

  8. I’m guessing you fell asleep at some point after that, but I’m still quite impressed with all of the reading you did!

  9. Congratulations on all you did with the Readathon, Ti! It sounds like you had fun with your family, too.

  10. I have big kids and they still kept me from reading as much as I wanted to! I didn’t get as much reading done as I had thought I might but certainly more than I would have otherwise!

  11. I never made it over here during the Readathon, but I did more reading than blogging or blog-hopping, so I didn’t make it to visit a lot of people :-). I didn’t last past 1 AM myself. Sounds like you had a pretty good Readathon overall!

  12. I haven’t seen a wrap-up post yet, unless I missed it. Hope you had a great time. You were making awesome progress at the time of this update!

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