24-Hour Read-a-Thon: Update #4 (12 Hours In)


Here are my stats thus far:

Reading: I finished Cheerful Weather for the Wedding. It wasn’t at ALL what I expected it to be. It was good but I guess I was expecting “cheerful” and that is not what I got. After a short stretch (sitting in one place for too long makes me crabby), I grabbed The Return.

Pages Read Since Last Update: 147

Total Pages Read: 463

Books Completed so far: Cheerful Weather for a Wedding

Nibbly Foods Eaten: None! I had those tacos three hours ago and all I’ve had since is water. Getting ready to throw dinner together though. Debating between spaghetti (easy) and soup (easier).

Random Tidbits: My kids are out of control today! I had to resort to the garage for peace and quiet. You see, the garage is somewhat soundproof with all the fireproofing, etc. I managed to get a good chunk of uninterrupted reading time in. My headache is also gone. Thanks for the well wishes. I will take a shortish break to blog-hop a bit and then eat and then I am hitting the reading trail again.

Ti’s Comfy Factor (5 being comfy): 4 as I have a comfy chair in the garage that I had planned to sell but maybe not. It’s proven to be quite useful today.

Next Update: My next update should be around 8pm (Pacific).

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7 Responses

  1. Great job!

    Cheerleading is fun, but all this mention of food is agonizing!!

  2. Glad you found a quiet place and your headache is gone! You’re doing great! Good Luck Ti!

  3. Yay for hiding out in the garage!

    Good luck on peace and solitude and reading!!!

  4. I love the idea of hiding out in the garage. Happy Reading!

  5. I’m glad you were able to get some peace and quiet and that your headache is gone. Happy reading! =)

  6. The Return looks really good. I have seen good reviews of anyways. Happy reading!

  7. You seem to be doing really well, isn’t it going by fast? I never thought I could do this? I am starting to get sleepy though. Keep up the good work!

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