24-Hour Read-a-Thon: Update #3 (9 Hours In)


Here are my stats thus far:

Reading: Almost done with Cheerful Weather for the Wedding. I may switch back to The Return when I’m done or I might pick up In the Time of the Butterflies. Not sure what my mood will be yet.

Pages Read Since Last Update: 62

Total Pages Read: 316

Nibbly Foods Eaten: I took a break for lunch and had tacos! YUM!! My fave food ever.

Random Tidbits: Due to my lunch break, my page count is down but I’ll make it up. Also, thanks to everyone that has commented thus far! I found out that I was the Reader of the Hour which explained the 40 something emails that hit my inbox. The kids are not being too kind to me today. I have a bit of a headache and just popped some meds as the bickering is at a all-time high. Why do kids do that? They sense that it’s not all about them and wham! They are difficult!

Ti’s Comfy Factor (5 being comfy): 3 due to crushing pain within my skull. Nah, not that bad but I felt like being dramatic.

Next Update: My next update should at 5pm (Pacific).

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15 Responses

  1. Sorry about the headache–suckey! You seem to be doing great anyway on the reading.
    Happy Reading

  2. Uh-oh…hope the headache goes away!!

    Good luck through the afternoon!

  3. My kids aren’t helping me either. They finally both crashed and I should really take a shower.

    I’ve finished one book- 299 pages.

  4. Happy reading!

  5. Sorry about the headache – I hope you are able to keep participating!

  6. Tacos are my favourite food ever too! I’m curious as to what you think of Cheefrul Weather..

    You’re doing great, Ti! I only read about half the amount you did. :D

  7. Everyone keeps mentioning food and now I’m HUNGRY. I wish I’d thought of tacos.

  8. That sounds like such typical kid-like behavior. Can they be plopped in front of a video? Hope your headache improves; I’m rooting for you!!!!!

  9. You’re doing great!! Hope that your headache goes away and the kids settle down with some books and give you some quiet time!!

    Keep reading!!

  10. Still with the headache?? you poor thing. Hopefully in a few hours you’ll have quiet Ti Time. Have fun and Hang in there!

  11. I hope you’re feeling better now! You’re doing a great job!

  12. I love tacos, too- I’m having Mexican stuffed peppers for dinner, which are *kind* of similar. Good luck reading! Have fun :-)

  13. I love the cover of that book. Hope your headache goes away soon. Don’t forget to drink a lot of water…sometimes that helps.

  14. I hope your head’s better and your kids are keeping themselves occupied. It seemed like mine always waited until I was on the phone to show himself.

  15. I have a crushing headache too! Thanks for stopping by! Keep on reading! This is fun but it is starting to feel like a challenge rather than the lark I thought it would be! Go! Go! Go!

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